Dental Implants Safe For Elderly Patients

March 21, 2017 by Dr Rahul Doshi

Implant Dentistry

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There is a wide-spread misconception that dental implants are not a suitable option for elderly patients, as with age our bone density deteriorates – this can lead loose or uncomfortable implants and even infections.

As with any procedure, there may be complications. More information.implant

While there was ground for such concerns in previous years, when dental implant technology was still in its early stages, it has since developed to such an extent that implants are now completely safe for elderly patients. Read about our dental implants for Essex, London, and Hertfordshire patients.

A safer & easier option for everyone

In fact, implants are a better option than bridges and dentures, as removable solutions are easily mislaid by senior patients with signs of dementia or by health care workers. Find out more.

Dental implants, on the other hand, are a permanent solution and guarantee that patients will be able to consume varied and nutrient-rich food, without the discomfort that removable, temporary solutions sometimes cause. At our densitry, we have a history of sucessful implants. Click here.

Moreover, implants are much safer because they pose no risk of choking unlike dentures (especially partials). As people age, their ability to chew and swallow properly can weaken, which can be annoying when combined with loose dentures. Discover dentures.

An affordable solution for elderly paitents

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Some elderly people may be bed-ridden or have limited movements; if this is the case, partials can becomes a serious choking hazard when coughing or sneezing, Worldental website informs.

Last but not least, implants reduce the risk of infections. Removable bridges and dentures can sometimes cause sore gums and these can take longer to heal with elderly patients.

This is not an issue with dental implants as once the gum around the implant has healed, it creates a seal that keeps food and bacteria away. See: Implant cost.

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