Dr. Rahul Doshi presents at the Private Dentistry Awards

March 4, 2018 by Dr Rahul Doshi

Advanced Training Institute, Professional Opinion Leaders, SPECIAL OFFERS, Standards of Care

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As part of their continued work to support the dental industry to increase the standards of care provided to patients across the UK, both Dr. Rahul Doshi and Dr. Bhavna Doshi work as judges for the National Private Dentistry Awards. They are valued for their experience and integral position as opinion leaders in the profession.

Tonight will be the awards ceremony where many dentists and their teams are eagerly awaiting the final results. There will be a few regretful sighs but most of all celebratory cheers with champagne popping and flowing like there’s no tomorrow!

Dr. Doshi says, “I am happy to be asked to present an award this year as it gives me much pride in our profession and reassures me of the progress we are all making. At The Perfect Smile Advanced Training Institute is has been our main philosophy to make sure that we are constantly striving for greater heights. This is reflected in my teaching and in the caliber of qualified dentists that I have taught over the years. I have very much enjoyed my work with the National Private Dentistry Awards and I look forward to many more successful years”.

Dentistry is not only about dealing with pain. Dentistry should be about preventing that pain from ever being there in the first place. For this reason, we at The Perfect Smile Studios and Institute have devised specific programs of care in our smile clinic, whereby we seek to understand the very foundation on which your teeth are based on.

It is our goal that your dentist understands your exact requirements. We then help to construct a unique plan of action that can provide you with the healthy, stable and good-looking mouth.

The first step in this program in the smile clinic is to start off with a detailed consultation. We put no time constraints on this consultation so that you have all the time you need to understand the possibilities. For this reason we have multiple Patient Care Coordinators to be there on your request.

Your Complimentary Consultation in our Smile Clinic Includes:

• An informal chat in our private patient consultation suites.

• Detailed analysis of your current situation

• A complimentary Smile Imaging

• Understanding of other similar cases from our chest of thousands of previous cases we have treated that are similar to your situation.

• A discussion of your options

• A plan for you to work on that provides you with a way forward.

This unique consultation is one way in which Dr. Doshi ensures that you get exactly what you want from your dentist and helps to raise the standards of care by providing you with opportunities to understand what dentistry have available for you.

Dr. Doshi’s clinical directorship at Premium Practice Dentistry (a national dental publication) and his clinical directorship at The Perfect Smile Advanced Training Institute exposes him to all the latest innovations and the newest techniques in dentistry.

“I want to make sure that all our patients get the opportunity to know how dentistry has moved on and all the amazing things we can now do. For instance we can straighten teeth for adults in less than six months, we do fillings without using the need for an anesthetics or the dentist’s drill and we can create smile makeovers without cutting teeth. These are exciting times in dental innovation”, explains Dr. Doshi.

So take advantage of this opportunity and book in for your FREE Consultation with your local dentist. Call now on 01992 552115.

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