GDC Tooth Whitening Case- Non-dentist fined £7000 for undertaking tooth whitening

May 23, 2011 by Dr Rahul Doshi

Aesthetic Dentistry, Teeth Whitening

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The GDC considers Teeth Whitening to be the practice of dentistry and does not authorize non-registrants to perform this procedure. Teeth whitening should only be performed by registered dental professionals. Patients should be warned and made aware of the dangers and risks involved with teeth whitening.

The truth is that Teeth Whitening is Dentistry. This is because the process covers all aspects of dentistry from diagnosis of the discoloration and treatment planning, to the correct system of treatment to use, to undertaking the clinical treatment and thereafter to dealing with sensitivity issues and the management of other bleaching related problems that may arise.

Also, there are important factors in the patient’s medical history that may be relevant which may be needed to be stabilized prior to undertaking any dental treatment whatsoever.

Also, some patients experience sensitivity after teeth whitening treatment. A dental practice is usually setup correctly to manage these sensitivity problems with predictable sensitivity management protocols. Dentists are well trained in dealing with this aspect of the dental practice. Dentists are trained to recognize diseases of the mouth and monitor gum diseases and then to design a treatment plan to manage these aspects first. Dentists have a duty of care to their patients for long-term management and continually striving for dental health improvement of their patients.

If you have any concerns or are looking to consider teeth whitening treatment please call our practice so that we can talk to your about your suitability for this procedure. We offer FREE Consultations to advise you so let us help you make the correct decisions for you and your long-term health.

Call our internationally renowned award-winning studios on 01992 552115 to assess your suitability and find you a way forward.

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