Have you got your Valentine Perfect Smile on today?

February 14, 2017 by Dr Rahul Doshi

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If you are looking for your ideal partner or perfect mate then maybe we might be able to help.

Studies have now confirmed that when looking for your perfect partner people are first attracted to your smile.

It seems to make people feel more confident to be approached or to approach when meeting new people.

So what does your smile say about you?

Even though we all know that it’s a person’s personality that should matter the most, we all fall into the trap of making judgments on our first encounters with new people.

As cosmetic dentists we are very much aware of the huge impact a stunning smile can have on a person’s love life!

Your smile is the focus of your face and when meeting new people, this is the part that gives them signals as to what kind of person you might be.

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What people are looking for in their Valentine Perfect Smile?

  • A healthy looking smile. This sends messages about your general health. People believe dark and stained teeth to be a sign of bad health. Even children recognize that clean white teeth are the way teeth are supposed to be as is often evident from their drawings.
  • Straighter teeth. Crooked and rotated teeth tend to obscure your facial symmetry. A crooked smile unbalances your facial features.
  • A symmetrical smile. This represents the ideal perfect smile and exhibits a harmony in your face.
  • Whiter teeth. This is often secondary to a symmetrical smile but a whiter smile can mask a whole host of discrepancies in your smile. And its so easy to get done!
  • A wide smile full of laughter. This is one of the key things others notice. It portrays a fun personality and confidence. A great smile should stretch to the back teeth.

So, if you want to get back on the dating arena and want that little something extra about you, then look towards getting yourself your perfect smile. Let the real you come out with confidence.

Who knows maybe next Valentine you will have your perfect match with your perfect smile.

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