Hollywood Smile: The New Social Status Marker

May 13, 2017 by Dr Rahul Doshi

Celebrity Smiles

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A shiny, beautiful smile has long been considered an asset, but recently it appears to have become something more. The dentists in our Harley Street, Kensington and Hertfordshire clinics offer a smile makeover. Click here to see our gallery.

According to social scientist Malcolm Gladwell, the state of an individuals’ teeth is swiftly becoming a tell-tale sign of social status – in much the same way as education or upbringing dictates social standing. See: Treatment Fees.

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Speaking to the Times, Gladwell explained that as signs of inequality linked to gender and race lose their significance in modern society, others emerge to drive social mobility – obesity and bad teeth.

He claims that people with crooked, chipped or stainted teeth may miss out on high-level jobs if other factors between candidates are the same.

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What have studies shown us about oral hygiene?

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Gladwell’s claims appear to be supported by recent findings released by the Health and Social Care Information Centre. In 2011, 20% of hospital admissions for dental treatment were made up of patients from the most deprived 10% of the population.

In addition, statistics also reveal that young patients aged up to 29 are three times more likely to undergo dental treatment than people over 60, whose teeth typically require more care. See: General Dentistry.

Hollywood smiles with the Perfect Smile Dentists

Over the past decade, the number of celebrities that have undergone cosmetic dentistry procedures to make their smile more appealing has increased dramatically.

Consumers see Hollywood smiles as a sign of success and an indication of prosperity, so it is hardly surprising that whiter teeth are a dream for many people. Discover your perfect smile today, click here.

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