How do Laser Dentistry and Cosmetic Dentistry Compare?

May 11, 2018 by Dr Rahul Doshi


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In these modern times dentistry has improved in leaps and bounds with the use of highly sensitive and technical innovations. All sorts of gadgets and armamentarium have surfaced to improve practically every aspect of enhancement procedures.

One aspect that we consider to be highly recommended whenever any smile makeover procedure is being considered is the use of laser technology. Laser dentistry can be easily combined with cosmetic dentistry techniques to provide some of the most stunning results possible. They give the dentist absolute control over the entire picture being created as oppose to singling out the teeth alone.

Creating beautiful stunning smiles is not only about the teeth. An attractive smile is to do with the gums, the teeth, the bite and how they all work within the framework of the lips. Laser dentistry in combination with advanced techniques provides dentistry with that flexibility in the same way an artists palate of colours does when painting a picture.

At The Perfect Smile Studios, we like to have as many tools as possible at our disposal in order to meet the expectations of all our patients. We believe dentistry to be very personal and hence have created our signature assessment to create beautiful looking smiles that are healthy and stunning at the same time. Laser dentistry helps us achieve this in a simple and predictable manner.



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