National Smile Month 15 May – 15 June 2011

May 11, 2011 by Dr Rahul Doshi

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The British Health Foundation has announced the theme for this year’s National Smile Month to be “Smile Factor”. The aim of their campaign is to put a smile back on people’s faces and help them display their full personalities through their “Smile Factor” theme.

The Perfect Smile Studios will participate in this theme since we believe that an attractive smile does wonders for the individual and we have seen through our work with Extreme Makeover TV programme on UK Living how wonderfully transforming a nice natural looking smile can be.

A nice smile can be a very powerful thing. It can be a very important and powerful show of a person’s emotions. And yet, not everyone has the confidence to smile without any inhibiting psychological barriers. So many individuals are missing out on their inner confidence and self esteem by not addressing their “Smile Factor”. This year’s theme was set out to challenge those perceptions stopping people from smiling and to get people smiling again.

At The Perfect Smile Studios we are helping out with this challenge by providing FREE Consultations and discounted prices to get more people to re-discover their very own “Smile Factor”. Over the years we have created beautiful natural looking and healthy smiles for many of our patients. We have exceeded their expectations and changed their lives forever.

Call our renowned studios on 01992 552115 now to take advantage of this unique opportunity and let us help you to get smiling again.


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