What are the latest trends in orthodontic treatments?

April 7, 2017 by Dr Rahul Doshi

Dental Health, Looking Younger, Orthodontics, Smile Perception

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In Japan a new trend is gripping the fashion conscious as women are paying to have teeth straightening treatment to purposefully disarrange teeth and make them look crooked!

Also, studies have revealed that many of these fads and trends have all had one thing in common – a fixation with youth.

It’s all about looking 10 years younger.

We can help you have natural looking teeth that look great, and help you to appear younger. Learn more.Natural Looking Smile

Whether it’s recreating gappy teeth or crooked teeth, the fashions try to assimilate youth because pre-teenage years and teenage years are where youthful looks are abundant and have this type of look.

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However, in the UK having straighter teeth is still the most desirable and looking 10 years younger can be easily achieved with cosmetic dentistry and/or teeth straightening treatments.

Also, crooked teeth make it more difficult to keep the teeth clean and hence there forms a risk of gum disease problems in the future. Continue reading.

At The Perfect Smile Studios, you can have any of the following options that produce viable solutions to looking good:

This will allow you to achieve the look of your choice quickly and effectively. Also, with the newer smile designs such as no preparation ultrathin veneers you will have minimal tooth removal. See the costs.

There are now many teeth straightening treatments available for both children and adults. Also, the newer adult orthodontic treatments can occur within six months and look invisible. Discover more.

  • Combined treatments

Here we can create combination treatments to create the look of your choice. Learn more.

Creating perfect smiles to last a lifetime

Dentistry can now do wonderful things and so whether it’s a source of fashion or a need to be more perfect there are wonderful things that can be done.

However, the long-term health of the teeth and gums is extremely important.

This means whatever ultimate options you choose this must always be a serious consideration. Click here.

Call our studios for more information on how we may be able to help you enhance your teeth, mouth and smile.

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