New UK Study To Examine Possible Solutions To Denture Problems

June 24, 2017 by Rahul Doshi

Implant Dentistry

Approximately 3.7 million Britons have no natural teeth

Cosmetic Dentures by Perfect Smile 2017Poorly fitting dentures sometimes cause such serious consequences for patients’ quality of life in terms of eating, chewing and speaking, that the World Health Organization classifies such people as disabled. See our recommendations for a successful dentures treatment.

In an attempt to relieve their ordeal and to offer ways to improve their overall quality of life, the University of Manchester has started a trial to examine possible solutions to the problem. The trial is being funded by the National Institute for Health Research for Patient Benefit Programme.

The University is currently recruiting participants for the trial. Half of them will undergo surgery to have titanium implants fitted into their lower jaw to hold the dentures in place, while the other half will be given innovative mini-implants that require less invasive procedures to be fitted. Patients will be monitored over a period of six months, with researchers monitoring their ability to chew, the pain they experience, and the impact of the different types of implants on their quality of life.

According to Dr Craig Barclay, consultant at The University Dental Hospital of Manchester and senior lecturer in Restorative Dentistry, dentists can only help people with denture problems if they know which treatment is most effective and most suitable for each individual. Hopefully, Barclay adds, the study will provide dentists with more answers regarding these questions.

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