Reminder: Special Consultation Days with FREE Oral Cancer Scans

November 7, 2011 by Dr Rahul Doshi

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November is Mouth Cancer Action Month and we are working with the British Health Foundation to help eradicate this killer disease. Hence we have opened up special consultation days where we can do Cancer Scans for early detection.

A reminder of how these FREE Consultations will help you:

1. An informal chat with our highly experience Patient Care Coordinators. You will have a detailed opportunity to have all your questions answered to your satisfaction.

2. A complimentary Digital Photographic Analysis. This allows you to see aspects of your mouth as perceived by others. It highlights areas of concern.

3. A complimentary Oral Cancer Scan. We use innovative techniques to help with early detection and take the necessary precautions.

4. A FREE Smile Imaging. This is a great way of seeing your personal smile makeover without having any work done.

5. And finally, your consultation will allow you the opportunity to become part of our patient family. We take relationships very seriously and our aim is to increase awareness of how modern dentistry can help people.

Also, after booking in for your consultation. Have a think about some of your dental concerns. For example, do any of these apply to you?

• My gums bleed when I brush them.

• My teeth are loose.

• My teeth hurt.

• My teeth are crooked.

• I don’t like dentists.

• My teeth are discoloured.

• I have missing teeth.

• I can’t chew properly.

• My jaws hurts.

• I always have problems with my teeth

• My teeth break easily

• I don’t like the dark fillings in my mouth.

If you have said “yes” to even one then we are the dental practice for you. Our main aim has always been to eradicate disease and help to restore your mouth, teeth and smile back to health and vitality. Many foundational options such as gum disease treatment or teeth build-ups are sometimes necessary to provide stability. Thereafter, we will work to protect, prevent and make your teeth cosmetically pleasing to you.

As part of each Free Consultation, we help you to explore different avenues of treatment that are applicable to you. We are dedicated to constructing dental programs that work for you within your budgets, time frames and requirements. For this reason we house some of the most experienced dental specialists and dentists on every aspect of dentistry. Our programs are as unique as we are. You will find that we can help you achieve the things you want and finally “FIX” your mouth.

We can help you to build a good foundation with gum disease treatment if this is applicable to you or we can help to restore your teeth with our dentist London Hertfordshire & Essex. Whatever, your criteria we can customise a program for you.

So take advantage of all the special ways in which we are here to help you. Book in for your FREE Consultation with your dentist London, Hertfordshire and Essex at The Perfect Smile Studios and take charge of your future comfort and appearance. You will most definitely leave with a huge wealth of knowledge about your mouth and the benefits of modern innovative new-age dentistry.

Book now and don’t delay getting your Free Oral Cancer Scan with your complimentary consultation at our award winning, highly renowned studios. Call now on 01992 552115

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