Achieve your perfect smile with ‘Six Month Smiles’

January 23, 2017 by Dr Rahul Doshi

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Six month smiles by Perfect Smile Studios 2017

A great new way of teeth straightening is rapidly gaining popularity in the UK

Six month Smiles is a cosmetically focused short-term orthodontic treatment for adults that can be done over just a few months by Perfect Smile Studios’ expert dentists.

It is a focused and fast way for improving your smile without having a traditional smile makeover. It is especially popular with adults because they no longer have to endure lengthy metal orthodontic braces treatment. In fact, you can probably get your teeth straightening done before your next check-up is due – it is that fast! Click here for prices.

There are 5 stages to the process of getting your Perfect Smile:

1. We do a detailed assessment of your exact needs and requirements. We then carry out specific treatment planning to provide you with suitable and viable options. You then have certain moulds taken of your teeth and we then send this work to the USA. We work in close association with our American colleagues to plan to right treatment for you.

2. Then, once we receive the orthodontic braces back from the labs, we put on inconspicuous tooth coloured orthodontic braces.

3. You will have monthly reviews to make any necessary alterations and to make sure that the treatment is progressing as we want it to. Most of these changes are slight and comfortable.

4. Your braces come off after 3-9 months on average and we provide retention to prevent teeth from lapsing back into original position.

5. Then you simply enjoy your new smile. We provide after care advice for all clients.

FREE whitening with this Teeth Straightening Treatment

This form of orthodontic teeth straightening treatment is a great alternative for adults who are looking for a simple option. Also, some patients don’t want to have lots of dental treatment with porcelain veneers either.

Getting beautiful teeth with your premier London orthodontist has never been simpler.

You can have Six Month Smiles treatment and then have teeth whitening treatment to complete your new smile.

NOTE: All treatments with Six Months Smiles also include FREE Whitening treatment.

This amazing new orthodontic treatment ‘six month smiles’ for adults is quick, effective and will transform your crowded teeth to a perfect smile, perfect for you. Book in for your FREE Consultation at The Perfect Smile Studios and let us help you achieve your perfect smile – it is only six months away!

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