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April 6, 2017 by Dr Rahul Doshi

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These days the ‘ideal’ when it comes to stunning smiles seems to be set around the “Hollywood Smile” that often consists of perfectly straight unnatural-looking teeth set between full plum lips.discoloured 1

However, achieving successful results and smile makeovers with your dentist in one of our practices in London, Hertfordshire and Essex has never been easier until now. Also, you are now no longer restricted to the Hollywood smile, you can now opt for a more natural looking smile that actually suits your face and mouth. Click here.

If you are looking for improved and enhanced solutions for your smile and are looking for help in dentistry, then Perfect Smile can do just that. The key to achieving successful smiles is producing a result that is not confirmative to the ideal, but to the way your specific situation indicates. See what we can do.

The secret to a smile makeover

Dr. Rahul Doshi our principal dentist and founder at our surgery, has an immense passion in combining the art and science of dentistry. This allows him to produce beautiful and stunning smile makeovers using various techniques and systems depending on individual requirements and needs. This is the secret to successful smile makeovers. Find out more.

Successful smile makeovers

This is usually the result of following a treatment planned that has been specifically designed for you. It should take all aspects of a great smile into consideration. For example, facial proportions, the shape of your face, your exact requirements and the foundation of your teeth. Contact us.

You will find that Dr. Doshi understands how to create that beautiful smile for you that feels, looks and functions naturally. Many of his patients and many dentists seek out Dr. Doshi from all over Europe and the UK. This has created a unique popularity for his skill and artistry when it comes to beautiful smiles. Discover more.

Creating innovate ideas for patients

Dr. Doshi believes in the creation of a stunning smile makeover that is based on a healthy foundation and hence has developed his unique signature dental assessment program. Check it out.

This program enables Dr. Doshi to assess in great and exact detail the nature of the precise smile design to suit any individual person.

If you are interested in improving and enhancing your smile and are looking for your dentist in London, Hertfordshire or Essex, then The Perfect Smile Studios are the ones for you.

Call us on 01992 552115 and book in your complimentary consultation to discuss your needs and let us talk to you about the options available to you.

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