There’s more to dentistry than teeth whitening

April 5, 2017 by Dr Rahul Doshi

Aesthetic Dentistry, Beautiful Smiles, Smile Makeovers, Teeth Whitening

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The teeth whitening procedure is now a very common procedure and is routinely carried out by dentists in most dental practices. This takes place at both our Hertfordshire and London clinics. Click here.

Often teeth whitening is the first option considered by the general public when they think of nice looking teeth. This is exactly the kind of option sought after by brides-to-be for their wedding day photographs or anyone with a very important event coming up where they need to look their best. Find some answers.

Teeth whitening is so popular because:

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  • It’s quick
  • It whitens teeth therefore any discrepancies of crooked teeth are masked when other people look at the smile from a distance.
  • It’s inexpensive

Teeth whitening improves the colour of your teeth and cannot fix other issues. The teeth just look white but if they are incorrectly shaped or are twisted and crooked, teeth whitening will not help significantly.

An alternative approach for your smile makeover

If teeth whitening is all that is needed in improving or enhancing your smile, great! But if your essential problem is more involved and incorporates multiple factors then a different approach may be needed.  Find out more.

Very often, the main problem in unattractive smiles is the shape, texture and positioning of the teeth at the front of the mouth. Also some teeth have intrinsic stains caused by antibiotics or trauma when young, that just can’t be dealt with by teeth whitening treatments alone. See how effective.

Understanding all treatment options

In situations like these it is very important to understand all the factors that are involved in creating the smile of your choice. We also need to look at what significant factors are causing your current smile not to look as pleasing as you wish. Check out our results.

This is when we consider how we are going to design your smile to produce the ultimate smile makeover! How do we design?

How can Perfect Smile help?crooked 2

Therefore, a detailed thorough investigation is required. At The Perfect Smile Studios we do this as part of our signature thorough dentistry examination with our dentists.  Click here.

We then consider all the available options that are there in dentistry today that can remedy the problems you perceive in your smile. See: Treatment Fees.

There are many options available in advanced dentistry. We will help you to pick and choose the appropriate option which gives you the best and most cost-effective result by creating a customised treatment plan of action.

This will ultimately result in a beautiful smile makeover of your choice that is based on a healthy foundation and becomes your perfect smile. Find out how it can help you.

Call our internationally renowned award-winning studios on 020 3740 1334 to assess your suitability for dentistry and find you a way forward.

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Dr Rahul Doshi

Reviewed by Dr Rahul Doshi


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