The Cheapest Way to Replace Missing Teeth

Affordable Tooth Replacement Treatments

When replacing missing teeth, especially when you have several teeth missing in a row, the cost can sometimes be a barrier to treatment.

Often, with costs in the thousands, missing teeth treatments like dental implants are not always available to patients.

While other tooth replacement methods exist that are cheaper, like dentures, they’re not always the solution that patients want to explore, even from a dental and oral health perspective, these cheaper treatments only encourage bone loss and other problems in the future, so they are not the best option to replace missing teeth long-term.

Plus, as dentures need repairs and replacement throughout their lifetime, this will be a cost that patients have to deal with forever rather than once, like with dental implants.

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Missing teeth treatment costs

Dentures cost £750, and dental bridges cost £1,200 per unit.

Cheapest options to replace missing teeth

A denture is the cheapest way to replace missing teeth because it takes the least time to create. Dentures should last 10 years and rely mostly on suction and dental adhesives to stay in place, which most patients find unbearable.

Also, if you decide to swap your dentures for implants later on down the line, it might be more difficult and expensive to do so. This is because dentures do nothing to support the underlying bone.

Over time, it will shrink and deplete, which means you likely won’t be a great candidate for dental implants and might need to undergo pre-prosthetic procedures like bone grafts to restore bone in the area.

Alternatively, you can also opt for dental bridges, which are more cost-effective but have the same problems as dentures. They can replace up to three missing teeth but might have to damage other neighbouring teeth in the process. Plus, like dentures, they do nothing to support the underlying bone.

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How to make dental implants more affordable

  • With us, you can take out dental finance interest-free for the first 24 months and choose to split the cost of your overall treatment fee. The larger the deposit you place, the cheaper your monthly instalments will be. Longer terms extending up to 60 months are also available with 14.9% interest-bearing terms.
  • If you have several missing teeth in a row, you can use dental implant bridges to replace up to four teeth. This is cheaper than paying for an implant per gap. Dental implant bridges are also better for your bone and protect neighbouring teeth from the necessary reduction of crown placement.
  • Patients with a full mouth of missing teeth or rows can opt for implant-retained dentures, which cost considerably more than dentures but offer a more stable solution. Implant-retained dentures use three implants to replace a row of missing teeth and are removable to clean. A fixed solution is All-on-4, but it is one of the most expensive dental restorations. But it is worth the cost, in this patient’s opinion.

Costs over a lifetime:

  • Dentures: If you have dentures for more than thirty years, based on our prices, you’ll have to pay £2,250 for your set of dentures, not including repair costs, adhesive costs, or check-up appointments for your custom-fitted dentures. Overall, you could spend up to £5,000 on dentures over your lifetime.
  • Dental bridge: Some bridges need replacing every five years, with some lasting up to 15 years. Over 30 years, it can be estimated that you could spend up to £6,250 on replacement bridges, not including your crowns, check-up costs, and appointments.
  • Dental implants: Lasting up to 30 years, dental implants will not require replacing, bringing the total cost to £2,450 and the initial consultation of £209 (with a dentist).