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May 28, 2018 by Dr Rahul Doshi

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These days many dental practices are renaming and reinventing their names to be synonymous with dentistry. Also, there has been much in the way of change of ownership of various dental practice companies. This has lead to much confusion.

We would like to state that we are the original ‘The Perfect Smile Studios” established since 1994 by Dr. Rahul Doshi.

We have been the main dentists on Extreme Makeover UK and have appeared in multiple national media including the BBC, This Morning, Sky Living, The Times, The Mail, Tatler and Marie Claire to name a few.

We have established The Perfect Smile Advanced Training Institute and over the years we have trained over 3000 dentists, teams and their practices. Hence we have been able to facilitate elevating standards of dentistry throughout the UK.

Over the years we have established multiple practices and have since passed them over to new ownership due to the increased velocity of training required at the Perfect Smile Institute. The Perfect Smile Spa is one such ex-practice.

Today, The Perfect Smile Studios is currently a single practice based in Hertfordshire near London. We have no connection to The Perfect Smile or The Perfect Smile Spa or any other dental practice depicting this name.

We have had to make such a statement due to the controversy surrounding other practices that are suggestive of being us.

The Perfect Smile Studios & Institute is founded and run by Dr. Rahul Doshi and we would like to continue raising standards and helping in the dental profession. Our ethos has always been “Changing Lives & Exceeding Expectations”.

We help our patients via customised dental programs that are unique to your specific situation. The secret of our success has been this personalised approach. We are a recognised centre for dentistry. We help with a range of services which all starts with complete care dental assessments and programs.

If you would like help with dentistry or are considering dentistry or have missing teeth we can help you. Whether you are interested in dentistry such as orthodontics (teeth straightening), dental implants (replacing missing teeth) or want to ‘fix’ your mouth, we can help you. We offer a range of different types of treatments to suit all needs and budgets.

Call our internationally renowned studios on 01992 55211 and book in for your complimentary consultation. Let us help you find a way forward.

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Dr Rahul Doshi

Reviewed by Dr Rahul Doshi


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