Three Cosmetic Dentistry Myths

September 7, 2017 by Dr David Bloom

Cosmetic Dentistry

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Cosmetic dentistry is becoming a preferred solution for many patients who dream of the perfect smile. However, many people are still very wary of it; some believe it to be extremely expensive, time-consuming and not always effective. Find more information.

In fact, these are nothing but myths. Providing you choose an experienced and properly-qualified dentist, you will only benefit from such treatments. See: Premier makeover

Here are some of the most common myths regarding dentistry treatments:

  • Treatments are very expensive

Actually, it is cheaper than traditional dentistry, if you think about it. The least expensive option for replacing missing teeth appears to be bridges – but they need to be replaced once every eight to ten years.

In the long run, this proves to be costlier than a dental implant. Treatments can be quite affordable if you do a bit of research and know what you are looking for. To find out the cost of smile makeovers in London, click here.

  • It takes a long time

In fact, you may have to visit a dentist just once, if you opt for a CEREC (ceramic reconstruction) treatment. The technology involves 3D photography and CAD/CAM software to prepare a dental veneer in a short time and have it fitted in one single visit. Find out about our ceramist technicians.

  • Results are unnatural

Several decades ago that may have been the case. However, technology has progressed so much that virtual checks and tests can be undergone before any changes are made.

This will minimise the risk of anything looking unnatural or not how you want it to look. Read about the perfect natural smile.

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It is often a very difficult decision when considering where to go to get your dentistry or dental implants work done. These days everyone sounds the same and it increasingly feels like a gamble. We understand this and want to make your decisions easy and simple.

For this reason, we have considered a few areas in which we excel to help make your decisions.

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Dr David Bloom

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