Warning: suitability of dentistry given media focus

February 9, 2017 by Dr Rahul Doshi

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Smile Makeover from Perfect Smile 2017

Dentistry Demand increased thanks to celebrity influence

Media focus on cosmetics has meant that there is a huge demand of possibilities for smile enhancements.

There has been a rise in dentistry. Information and new ideas presented in the form of TV, radio, magazines, newspapers and most important if all the Internet is available in its billions!

There is a lot of accurate information available to people.

We get a lot of patients who request certain treatments “as seen on” a certain media.

For example, dental implants treatment completed in a day. However, as much as the media is useful in spreading the word, it can also be ambiguous.

There can be a vast difference between suitability of treatment and required treatment. Talk to our specialists about your treatment options.

As a conscientious dental practice, one of our key roles is to understand all that is available in the current dental world of technologies and systems.

It is then our job to understand the various situations to which the specific innovation might apply.

Case Selection for Dentistry Procedures

We select the most ideal and appropriate treatment for any specific case.

In dental jargon we call this Case Selection. Not every case is most suitable for all that is available.

At the Perfect Smile Studios, we are very aware of the confusion and increased demand that the media can create.

But we are also able to provide adequate and appropriate solutions for almost all cases. Call us on 020 3355 8505 to book your free consultation.

Perfect Smile Studios finding a way forward

Our methods of treatment planning differ because we always customise the treatment program to suit your individual needs.

For example we first determine your exact requirement – what are your objectives i.e. what are you trying to achieve with cosmetic dentistry.

We then simply pick and choose the right solutions for you. This may be specific treatments or combinations of treatments.

For example, dental veneers and smile designs can be combined. View more information.

It may be the treatment suggestion you came to see us with or a totally different method which is new to you.

The most important thing is that whatever the recommendation and advice may be, is that it is correct and appropriate for you.

We are very fortunate that in our practice that our premier dentist, Dr. Rahul Doshi has kept at the forefront of modern dentistry via his work in the dental profession. Rahul is constantly engaged in new ideas and better ways of improving the oral health of his patients.

Dr. Doshi believes there are many ways to achieve similar end results. The key is for appropriate case selection by your dentist and to better understand what the patient is trying to achieve. Having understood this, only then can there be treatment success.

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Dr Rahul Doshi

Reviewed by Dr Rahul Doshi


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