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April 5, 2017 by Dr Rahul Doshi

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What makes a person’s smile look youthful and full of vitality? If you want to look 10 years younger your smile could be your secret key. Our dental surgery in London could be the answer you are looking for. Check it out.

Aspects of your mouth that make your smile or smile makeover look 10 years younger include:smile makeover 1

When creating a beautiful smile makeover there are 3 parts to the equation:

  1. The dentist and his/her ability, skill, technical know-how, talent and passion.
  2. The ceramist and his/her ability, skill, technical know-how, talent and passion.
  3. The Patient i.e. you and your requirements, needs and they way you want to look.

However, there is one secret key to the success of the resulting smile makeover and that is the quality of the communication which occurs between all three people. The fundamental one thing that allows this communication to be of a much superior quality and is very often the secret to the perfection of the smile makeover produced is the ‘Trial Smile’.

What is the Trial Smile in a Smile Makeover?

Now, the Trial Smile is the provisional temporary smile that is placed on the teeth during preparation of tooth veneers. If this is treated like a temporary treatment then the patient will never know what the possibilities of the smile can be and the temporaries will look like white clumps of plastic. Find out more.

Questions you need to know the answer to, like the following, can only be answer correctly if patients have a true likeness of provisional smile makeover trial smile that resembles the final teeth to a large degree. See: General Questions.

Most common questions:

  • How long will my teeth be?
  • Will I like them?
  • Will they suit me?
  • Will I be able to eat comfortably?

For this reason at The Perfect Smile Studios, we make sure that the Trial Smile is your perfect smile. Dr. Doshi spends a great deal of time perfecting this stage of tooth veneers. Click here for results.

Passing on our advanced technical skillsdiscoloured

This requires considerable skill and ability. Dr. Doshi has lectured on this subject numerous times and is due to teach dentists this aspect this year at the annual conference at The British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry held in London. Read more.

If you want the perfect smile, if you are looking to have a smile makeover to make you look more youthful, if you want to look 10 years younger, then we are the dentists for you. Learn about us.

What can we offer you?

Call our studios on 020 3740 1334 and talk to us in a complimentary consultation. You have nothing to lose and so much more information to gain. Click here.

If you live in Essex, Hertfordshire or London, take advantage of this opportunity and it may just change your life.

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