Can I Get Dental Implants Done on the NHS?

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Implants on the NHS: Criteria, Costs & Availability If you’ve researched well, you’ll know dental professionals consider dental implants the best tooth replacement method worldwide. You’ll also likely know that dental implants are the only long-lasting, permanent option for replacing missing teeth. But you’ll also likely know that the cost of dental implants in the … Read more

Veneers: The perfect solution to receding and thin gums

Worried About Thin and Receding Gums? Treatment, Non-surgery and Prevention If your gums have receded or have just begun to recede, you will know how it can change the way you smile looks. As your gums recede, they expose the root of your tooth, which can make teeth appear longer than they are. For some … Read more

What do your teeth say exactly about you?

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The surprising facts your teeth reveal about you It may be surprising for some of our patients to find out that an ideology exists where teeth represent our personalities. Everything from shape, size and alignment is meant to signify the person who owns them. Whilst this is a little far-fetched for some, there is some … Read more

7 top Ways To Maintain Your winning smile

Dentistry is becoming increasingly popular in the western world, as more people realise the benefits of improved oral health and are enjoying greater confidence from aesthetic improvements. See our top tips. However, treatment can be expensive, therefore it is essential to maintain any work you have done in order to ensure its longevity. Our advice … Read more

Teeth Grinding

Bruxism, also known as teeth grinding, is a rather common condition among both children and adults. Although many of the people who suffer from it are unaware of their condition, it should be treated as soon as possible as it can cause serious damage to their teeth and jaw. Sufferers often grind their teeth in … Read more