What are restorative dental services?

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Restorative dental work These are any treatments that are used to restore teeth and gums back to health. It often involves replacing or rebuilding teeth or their surrounding support structure back to its original or even better appearance. See Bupa Dental Cover for Private and NHS Patients: Is It Right for You? Restorative treatments are not … Read more

Which dental crown material is best?

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We use The Best Possible Materials for Our Crown Treatments Over the years, there has been much debate about which dental material is best from which to construct crowns. All innovations and new technology have been aimed at fulfilling the required criteria for a crown. In the past crowns have been made of gold alloy, … Read more

Why are braces so painful

Why are braces so painful

OUR TREATMENTS ARE DESIGNED TO BE PAIN-FREE Braces actually shouldn’t be painful. They may be uncomfortable when they are first placed on the teeth. This is necessary in order to provide the correct forces in order to move the teeth as required. When the dentist adjusts your braces, they will often feel tighter on your teeth. This … Read more

Referring patients made easy

Struggling to refer a patient? Leading dentist Rahul Doshi to the rescue In an article featured by dentistry.co.uk, Julian English interviewed our founding dentist and clinical strategy development director at Dentex Health; Dr Rahul Doshi. During the interview, we were happy and excited to discuss our new referral programme and what it is able to … Read more

All the ways to straighten teeth without braces

straighten teeth without braces

Can You Straighten Teeth without Braces? As the conventional method for straightening teeth with braces has always been the traditional way to fix crooked and uneven smiles, little is known of other, faster cosmetic procedures that have the exact same power. Patients exhibiting bite issues, misaligned teeth, large gaps or overcrowded teeth in the past … Read more

The Guide to The Cost of Cosmetic Dentistry

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Cosmetic Surgery Price Comparison: A Five-star Treatment Might Not Be As Expensive You Think! If there’s one thing our cosmetic dentists have learned, it’s that patients care about three things; how long their treatment takes, how good/natural it’s going to look and how much it’s going to cost. Whilst we know as practising dentists that … Read more

Warning! Here are things I wish I did to my teeth in my 30s

Everything I wish I knew about my teeth in my 30s I’m going to be honest with you, in my younger years, I never really cared much about my teeth. I had no bite irregularities or any problems and therefore really had no major concerns or insecurities. My teeth were “fine”, just like everybody else’s. … Read more

How early detection of problems can save you from heavy invasive dental work

Spot Dental Problems Early: Save Time & Money What’s great about today’s cosmetic dentistry treatment options is that many of the procedures can be performed without damaging or altering your original tooth shape, structure or size. Here at The Perfect Smile, we believe minimally-invasive cosmetic dentistry is very important, especially as it can be applied … Read more

Highest-quality facial aesthetic dentistry

facial aesthetic dentistry

How Fixing Your Teeth Can Fix Your Face Did you know that there’s a wide world of anti-ageing dental treatments out there? Not only are thousands of people beginning to discover the true benefits of cosmetic dentistry, but are beginning to choose them over plastic surgery enhancements. Using modern orthodontics, restoration techniques and custom smile … Read more

Reduce wrinkles with cosmetic dentistry

Reduce wrinkles with cosmetic dentistry

Say Goodbye to Sagged & Double Chins, Fine Lines and Wrinkles Believe it or not, in today’s modern society, ageing has become more of a choice than an actuality.  And with countless cosmetic procedures and clinics in London and across the UK, revamping your look is not difficult to achieve. But whilst new and popular … Read more