7 Things People Want From Their Orthodontist London

A person’s smile is a very important asset and it influences almost every aspect of life from how you feel about yourself to how others feel about you and hence how you interact and communicate with each other. It is almost the catalyst to a chain reaction on how you live your life. Smiling has … Read more

Will Dental Veneers or Orthodontics create The Perfect Smile for you?

immediate veneers

 Cosmetic Dentistry vs Orthodontics – Make the right choice Many people feel embarrassed about their teeth, which often means they avoid smiling or speaking freely. Discover our teeth straightening systems.  When developing your smile transformation plan, there’s more to consider than your teeth’s outward appearance. It’s important for patients to take into consideration their … Read more

Hygiene Tips for Teens Who Wear Braces


It is essential to keep teeth clean while wearing braces Orthodontic hardware can accumulate a staggering amount of food and plaque, creating the perfect conditions for the bacteria that cause tooth decay and gum disease. This is true for orthodontic patients of any age, but teens are particularly vulnerable. Why? For one thing, some of … Read more

Straight Facts About Straightening Teeth — The Science Behind Orthodontics

Straight facts about straightening teeth

What is orthodontics? Orthodontics is a sub-speciality of dentistry devoted to realigning crooked teeth to improve the appearance and the treatment of improper bites (malocclusions). What causes improper bites? Malocclusions result from irregularities in the positioning of teeth, disproportionate jaw relationships, or both. Why have orthodontic treatment? Orthodontic treatment is carried out primarily to improve the … Read more

Orthodontic braces showing great promise in visionary dentistry

Teeth straightening systems have been around for some time now, however many adults have been put off by the thought of having to wear metal train-track types orthodontic braces for a few years. Well now the answer to your dreams has arrived…six month smiles teeth straightening system is taking the UK forward. This is a … Read more

The Future of Cosmetic Dentistry at the National Young Dentist Foundation

Perfect Smile Studios are proud to be speaking at the National Young Dentist Foundation The National Young Dentist Foundation is an organisation that represents the needs and requirements of young dentists who are newly placed on the path of a career in dentistry. It aims to provide clarity and direction with high quality and innovative … Read more

Take a step in the right direction with Invisible Orthodontic Braces

If you are looking for a good orthodontist, consider taking a step in the right direction with our award-winning orthodontist and orthodontic team. Talk to our specialists and highly experienced dentists on innovative orthodontics where you can now choose treatments to suit your needs, budgets, and suitability for long-term success. Gone are the days where … Read more