Move Forward with a Natural & Confident Smile Makeover

Discover how we can help give you the smile makeover you want and deserve.

Our confidence and self-esteem can be affected by our teeth and smile. We shouldn’t feel embarrassed or conscious about the appearance of our smile.

For over twenty-five years, The Perfect Smile has helped thousands of people create and design the smile they’ve always wanted.

Our experienced dentists are here to understand your needs. By using our innovative technology, they can help create a detailed and comprehensive treatment plan specifically for you.

Our Smile Makeovers are individually designed to give the best results for you. Browse through our award-winning makeovers to find one that you feel benefits you.

Feel free to book a consultation appointment with us today so we can begin assessing treatment options available for you.

The Perfect Smile

Uniquely design a smile for your face in a way that creates a harmoniously balanced perception that is pleasing to the eye.

  • Design a smile that’s perfectly symmetrical and compliments you.
  • Our digital software allows you to see the future result of your makeover.
  • We use leading brands such as Invisalign braces to guarantee the best results.

The Hollywood Smile

Enhance your smile and capture the attention no matter where you are with our Hollywood Smile makeover.

  • Boost your confidence and self-esteem with a bright, white smile.
  • A detailed and thorough treatment plan to achieve effective results.
  • Create a smile that unleashes a new you to the world.

The Natural Smile

The Natural Smile Makeover is a fantastic and discreet solution that focuses on improving imperfections.

  • Treatments designed to discreetly enhance your smile.
  • Colour-matched veneers and implants ensure your smile is subtly improved.
  • Innovative solutions like invisible braces straighten your smile without others knowing.
Crooked teeth procedures

Design Your Perfect Smile

Understand the process of how we can design your perfect smile by using our popular and effective treatments.

  • Our experienced dentists have overseen thousands of smile makeovers.
  • TWe proudly offer a wealth of treatments such as Dental Veneers and Implants.
  • We encourage our patients to be vocal and creative when discussing treatments.

Our Innovative Technology

We achieve the best results because of our innovative technology and software that we use for every makeover.

  • Digital imagery allows us to visual the exact results of each treatment.
  • Our in-house CT scanner gives an incredible insight into your teeth and gums.
  • Our technology enables us reduce the treatment and recovery time.

Trial Smile Design

Understand potential outcomes by developing a provisional smile that enables you to truly see the results of your makeover.

  • The Trial Smile is a temporary smile that is placed onto your teeth.
  • Review what your dentist and yourself have designed and planned.
  • One of our many innovative techniques to achieve the results you want.