Composite Veneers

Get composite veneers from £500 per tooth today and have a brand new smile by the end of your appointment, with no need to schedule a follow-up.

What are composite veneers?

Composite veneers are like porcelain veneers in their purpose but very much unlike them in their application and construction. Composite veneers, typically 0.5mm thick, are thin layers of composite resin applied directly to the tooth without etching the tooth’s enamel. Composite veneers are the cheaper, healthier alternative to improving the tooth’s colour, shape, size and condition. The procedure is typically completed in one appointment, but you’ll require a prior consultation to plan your treatment. 

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The Immediate No-Prep Veneer Option:

Discover the non-prep alternative to veneers: composite veneers. These can makeover a smile without cutting or damaging the natural teeth underneath.

Composite veneers are directly sculpted to the smile and are very similar to the composite bonding process, but in this case, the entire tooth is covered rather than a small portion.

Together with our dentists, identify how many composite veneers you’ll need to achieve the smile you want.

Explore prices per tooth:

Achieve Fantastic Results With Composite Veneers

Immediately Applied Veneers

Composite veneers are highly advantageous for patients looking to improve the natural look of their smile without causing any damage to the underlying structure. No enamel removal, drilling, or tooth shaving with composite veneers exist. Instead, we improve on what’s there and help teeth appear even better-shaped.

Many experienced dental professionals and experts agree that veneers do not just exist to transform the cosmetic appearance of your smile. Instead, it can be used positively to strengthen your oral condition.

Same-day composite veneers can create a healthier foundation for your mouth, which can often prevent and treat tooth decay, sensitivity, and gum disease.

We use only the best immediate veneer brands available: Edelweiss and Componeers

Pay Monthly With 0%

You can pay for your veneers upfront or apply for cost-effective finance packages. 0% finance is available up to 24 months, with longer terms extending to 60 months (14.9% interest-bearing). For example, six composite veneers over 24 months would cost £125.00 pm with no additional cost of credit. 

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Are composite veneers right for you?

You'll need a consultation first

  • Patients must be over 18
  • You must have had a check-up in the last 6 months

Composite veneers are a one-day procedure, which means we’ll only need you to be in the chair for a few hours to transform your smile. 

Hence their nickname, “immediate veneers.” That said, it’s important to have a consultation with us prior to treatment so we can assess whether your teeth, gums and bite are in good health and able to withstand composite veneers.

For example, if you have tooth crowding or majorly crooked teeth and misalignment, composite bonding might not be appropriate.

 Composite bonding is also not recommended for patients suffering from gum disease or who have substantial gaps larger than 0.4 mm between teeth. Plus, a quarter of the tooth must be in tact if the tooth is chipped or broken.

Your first consultation

After an in-depth discussion of your requirements, our cosmetic dentists will examine your teeth and jaw. 

Once we’ve identified that everything is healthy and clean, we’ll begin to plan and design your custom smile, which you can approve digitally before we begin. 

We’ll also discuss the procedure with you at length, helping you understand what to expect on the day and any pre-treatment instructions you’ll need to follow. 

Types of composite veneers

Three types of composite veneers are available: Direct, Indirect and Prefabricated.

Direct Composite Veneers
Indirect Composite Veneers
Prefabricated Veneers

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