Porcelain veneers are charged by the tooth, with full smile makeovers costing between £5,400 and £8,000.

Porcelain Veneer Prices from £900

If you choose our amazing cosmetic clinic for your veneer restoration, you’ll have access to some of the best, leading cosmetic dentists in the country, who have improved thousands of smiles and even worked on some famous faces, so you can trust you’re in the best of hands. With porcelain dental veneer prices starting from £900, we offer several options for patients with varying budgets and goals.

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Types of Porcelain Veneers & Their Costs

We offer more than one version of porcelain veneers, so we have different prices depending on your chosen brand. Each brand of porcelain veneers we use involves little to no preparation and includes some of the thinnest, most natural-looking veneers available in today’s dentistry. 

  • Porcelain (Emax): £1,200 per tooth
  • Ultrathin Veneers: From £1,000 per tooth
  • Durathin Veneers: From £1,000 per tooth
  • Lumineers: From £900 per tooth

Looking for something even more affordable? Check out our prices for composite veneers instead. They are also no-prep but much cheaper per tooth as they do not last as long as porcelain. 

While these prices might seem far more expensive than veneers offered in Turkey, patients must know they’re investing in quality and preserving more of their teeth and avoid all of the problems that Turkish teeth come with, like improper bite function and pain. It’s well-known that cheaper veneers abroad are achievable because dentists use dental crowns instead of less-bulky porcelain veneers that require little to no tooth preparation, drilling or etching.

How many veneers is a full set? Some patients opt for a few veneers to hide smile imperfections like yellow, short, worn, or crooked teeth. However, generally, for a smile makeover, our veneer dentists often apply six to eight veneers in a full set.

You might think that eight veneers are too few, but as dental veneers are a cosmetic restoration and not a structural solution, they’re often reserved for the first visible eight teeth that appear when you smile. Six veneers are often applied for more narrow smiles, with eight veneers being used for wider smiles on the central and lateral incisors, canines and first premolars.

So, with a full set of porcelain veneers, patients can expect to pay around £7,200 (8 veneers x £900).

How you can pay for veneers - options for patients on a budget

If paying for porcelain veneers worries you, then you have the option with the Perfect Smile Studios to spread the cost of your treatment up to 24 months interest-free (we’re one of few clinics, who offer 0% finance up to two years). If you want to bring down the cost of your monthly payment even more, you can opt for interest-bearing terms up to 6- months, or choose to place a larger deposit, which will make your monthly instalments more affordable. 


Finance example using Lumineers (no deposit)

  • 3 dental veneers: £112.40 pm (24 months 0%), £62.78 pm (60 months 14.9%)
  • 6 dental veneers: £225.00 pm (24 months 0%), £125.56 pm (60 months 14.9%)

8 dental veneers: £300.00 pm (24 months 0%), £167.41 pm (60 months 14.9%)issues

Before & After Veneers

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