The Perfect Smile team have a great deal of experience with nervous patients and provide calm, painless dental treatments and options. Any questions? Ask the dentist about any worries you may have.

Patient Anxiety

We have a great deal of experience in managing patients that may be anxious about seeing a dentist, or experience dental phobias.

We also understand that not everyone is the same and each patient reacts differently or fear different aspects of dentistry. It is our aim to find out exactly what you are concerned about and then use the appropriate techniques to help eliminate these fears.

We want you to have a comfortable experience and leave with a healthy mouth with a great smile. Learn more about patient anxiety disorders here.

Dental Phobia

A few reasons for dental phobia:

  • Needles and injections
  • The dentist’s drill
  • Fear of choking
  • Fear of embarrassment
  • Fear of pain
  • Feeling of vulnerability
  • Fear of the diagnosis
  • Fear of the treatment
  • The smell of a dental practice
  • Bad past experience

If you are someone who is suffering from dental phobia, let us help you to overcome your anxieties.

Spa Studios

It is easy to feel relaxed and at ease at our dental practices.

Our relaxing spa studios will help immensely to give you comfort. We have purposely and specially designed our practices so that they do not look and feel like a dental space. 

Our staff work hard to create a warm friendly atmosphere and have taken every detail into account to ensure your comfort and care.

Condiments and complimentary services such as relaxation lounges, aromatherapy and soothing relaxation wellbeing treatments are all implemented in order to help you master and overcome your dental fears and anxieties.

Calming Spa Experience

We have created an ambience of relaxation and well-being.

Our Hertford and London Studios do not look and feel like a dental practice.

We have a warm friendly atmosphere with multiple indulgent amenities for your comfort and care.

We also offer a range of complementary services to make your visit with us as enjoyable and comfortable as possible:

  • Free Wi-Fi and Internet access
  • Lunch in our Relaxation Lounge for longer sessions
  • Soothing relaxation music to help create tranquillity
  • Paraffin wax skin-softening hand treatments
  • Surround yourself with the sounds from your favourite music via digital wireless headphones
  • Watch a movie of your choice on Netflix
  • Extra comfort and support with our neck and back pillows
  • Hot scented towels to freshen up with
  • A fresh assortment of teas, coffee or choose from our selection of cold drinks
  • Anti-anxiety medication before treatment
  • Painless injections
  • A handheld buzzer for you to stop us at any time during treatment

Nu Calm

Cosmetic Dentistry Treatments

NuCalm is a safe, proven system that quickly relaxes you without using sedative drugs.

NuCalm naturally brings your body to the first stage of sleep.

You will feel the same way you feel just as you are about to fall asleep. The amazing thing is, you feel this way for your entire appointment; nice, calm and at ease.



Outstanding service...

"I've had so many compliments on my new smile and the team were fantastic - both Sam and Sophie made the whole experience as good as it could be!

I was a very nervous patient but I was quickly put at ease and would recommend them to anyone in need of a smile makeover.” - Samantha

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An Utterly Relaxed Experience

Comfortable and gentle dentistry

It is important to us that you are absolutely confident in how we approach treatment for you.

We feel that how you enjoy dentistry is just as important as our expertise, knowledge and technical ability.

For this reason, we have an in-depth discussion about the entire process of getting treatment.

We want to explore exactly what makes you nervous and the things you do not like.

This does two key things:

  • It allows you to be fully informed before any treatment is carried out and
  • It allows us to make adjustments and prepare aspects to ensure excellent dentistry in the most comfortable way possible.
Anti-Phobic Technology

New innovative technology has allowed dentistry to be now perceived in a better light.

It is now easier and more comfortable to achieve the type of dentistry you need and want and enjoy a less intimidating experience.

These advancements include The Wand, special numbing gels, veneers techniques that do not require drilling and laser dentistry.

More Control To You

Often anxieties are created because a person feels that they will be in a vulnerable position and hence lose control of what is being done to them.

We recognise this and therefore give you total control of all aspects of your treatment. We employ the Dental Button.

This is a device that is given to you and you can control, stop and alert attention during any procedure by simply pressing this button.

Hence you are always in total control of your treatment.

Desensitisation Techniques

This is where we create a plan of action to overcome your anxiety consisting of a series of smaller steps.

This is proven to help patients gently overcome each stage of their anxiety and grow into the next.

Distraction techniques

Here we often offer versatile distraction methods to take your mind off the dentistry and engaged with other things.

This can include watching a movie or programme on our special DVD glasses or listening to the music of your choice with digital wireless headphones that block our surrounding sounds. 

Mindful Meditation

This is a powerful meditation practise that helps to break the cycle of anxiety and stress.

It is founded on mindfulness-based cognitive therapy and based upon Buddhist meditation.

Although this is a practice and hence its cultivation a long-term process, you can choose to have a guided meditation session that will instantly relax and calm you.

Special techniques and products are now used to ensure that you have the most painless dentistry available.

This includes special injections that vibrate and so dampen the pain receptors called Vibroject.

Also, special numbing gels prevent you even feeling the injection and these come in different flavours too.

New Less Invasive Treatments

There are now numerous treatments available that are less intrusive and more comfortable than ever.

These include:

  • Laser Dentistry: Here you will not need any local anaesthetic injections or any drilling. The treatment is entirely pain-free and comfortable. We have a range of lasers available to suit your specific needs.
  • New Ultrathin Veneers: These allow you to have a smile makeover without the need to drill your tooth structure.
  • Comfortable home teeth whitening technology: This allows you to get a whiter smile in the comfort of your own home with great results.
  • Six Month Smiles: If you have crooked teeth you can achieve a nice straight smile within a time frame of 4-9 months. This means that you do not need to have uncomfortable invasive procedures.

We can accommodate you by organising a hypnotherapist to work with you prior to any dental treatment. This will benefit you by starting the process of overcoming your phobia.

This is where you are given medication to help you relax whilst you are having the treatment and put you in a state where you do not remember the procedure.

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