If you’re a regular patient (or planning to be), you need to know about our Patient Membership Plan, which helps you save money throughout the year on your dental care.

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Why Join?

  • Do you live in Hertford and are looking for a local dentist?
  • Do you always make regular appointments?

Why not save money and become a member instead? 

Members of our Privilege Plan can access several benefits and save money on their dental exams and check-ups.

  • Inclusive exam and hygiene
  • Two free x-rays per year
  • Free analgesics and antibiotics
  • 5% discount off routine dental work
  • 5% off cosmetic dental treatments
  • 10% off facial aesthetics
  • Emergency insurance
  • You will have access to exclusive benefits within the practice and, most importantly, reductions in the cost of dental treatment and facial aesthetics.
  • There is clear evidence within our practice that patients on a plan attend routine examinations more regularly and, as a result, require less future treatment overall. 

The privilege plan

Cost: £25.00 a month

Terms and conditions

  • There is a one-time £10 administration fee, which will be collected alongside your first monthly payment.
  • Monthly payments will be taken from your account on the 10th of each month. There will be twelve £25.00 payments per year.
  • The name on your statement will appear as Privilege Plan Ltd; the plan’s administrator. 
  • Benefits are accessible after the first month’s payment.
  • If direct debits fail more than once, we may cancel the membership.
  • Patients are responsible for attending their appointments.
  • Entitlements cannot be brought forward, refunded or redeemed off future treatment.
  • The membership is a monthly charge, not an annual fee, which means it will renew until cancelled.

Every benefit of the privilege plan

  • Regular dental examinations. We can help stabilise and detect deterioration early to prevent future problems.
  • Free consultations. We are happy to discuss any concerns or advise you on any aspect of your dental health. 
  • Regular dental hygiene treatments. These appointments are important to help you maintain a healthy mouth and prevent infections. We can also provide you with personalised home hygiene programs.
  • Routine small radiographs (X-rays). Sometimes dental decay can infect a tooth, but the tooth may appear healthy. In these instances, radiographs help to “see” infections deep in or around the tooth. Routine radiographs help with early detection.
  • Meaningful reductions in fees for general dental treatment. If you need advanced dental treatment the Privilege Plan membership can help to make the treatment costs more affordable.
  • Worldwide Dental Accident and Emergency Insurance. You can feel confident and reassured if you experience dental problems while away from home. This insurance cover also provides oral cancer cover.

For More Information

Our treatment coordinators have been trained to help you choose the best plan appropriate for you and your family. Our team will be happy to help you find out more or to discuss the membership in detail. If you would prefer to speak to a dentist, please mention this to any of our staff.

Please click here to download the Privilege Plan leaflet, or you can apply to become a Privilege Plan Member by clicking here.