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Ultrathin, Durathin Veneers and Lumineers involve no drilling and no injections since no tooth is being cut. More.

Our recommended work shows our success in treating common oral health concerns by providing the latest cosmetic dental treatments at our approved and established dental practice.

We often highly recommend veneers for our patients who are looking to achieve new durable smiles. Veneers have many more amazing advantages to both dental hygiene and general health. This is because their purpose is to create a stable and healthy oral foundation.

98.8% of our patients leave our clinic feeling happier and often experience a confidence boost after being fitted with veneers.

How Much Do Veneers Cost? A number of factors will affect the total cost of your cosmetic veneers. More.

Composite Veneers£600 to £750 per tooth
Immediate Veneers£600 to £750 per tooth
Lumineers£850 to £950 per tooth
Ultrathin Veneers£980 to £1200 per tooth

What are Veneers?

High-quality dental veneers are very thin porcelain covers which are attached to the tooth with special cement. They are essentially bespoke, custom teeth that replace existing teeth as they cover the whole front surface.

They are able to correct oral damage caused by trauma and even hide many imperfections from discoloured, chipped, gapped, cracked and crooked teeth.

We have the full range of veneer treatments available; Durathin, Lumineers, Ultrathin and a range of materials including porcelain, composite and ceramic. 

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Our award-winning  Dr David Bloom would be delighted to show you your options and help choose the correct veneers for you.

They can also be used as part of a treatment plan that incorporates other treatments like porcelain crowns and implants.

See: Before & After veneers.

There are many reasons our patients choose to get veneers. They are suitable for a number of different cases since they can change the colour, shape, size and position of your teeth.

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Porcelain is the recommended choice

We use porcelain wafer thin ceramic shells, individually designed to cover your teeth, giving you a healthy, natural look that enhances your smile.

We only produce natural dental aesthetics leaving you with the smile you want.


Smile Makeover Procedure - The Perfect Smile

Composite or Immediate

Composite is made from an acrylic resin which is then bonded on to your teeth.

Composite cost less than porcelain making them an affordable option for many.

We use only the best materials available in the UK; Edelweiss and Componeer give bright and white results. More.

Teeth Straightening, clear or invisible braces

Replacement Veneers

It may be the case that your veneers need replacing, perhaps they are chipped or you have decided to have additional ceramic shells fitted.

In these instances, we will carefully colour match your replacements to appear like your existing teeth for a seamless, natural-looking smile. More.

We employ some of the very best corrective and restorative dentists in the UK

Temporary Veneers

Temporary veneers or a 'trial smile' is an opportunity for you to see how your smile would ultimately look like.

It is a provisional 'smile' that is placed on 'your prepared teeth' before the final veneers are fitted. More.

Pricing Plans, Cost & Finance

A few factors that affect the cost

  • The type of material used - Porcelain is more expensive than composite resins but longer lasting.
  • The number of veneers being applied, ie just the front teeth, bottom teeth or social six etc.
  • Your dental health and any additional work or aftercare required. More.
Crooked teeth procedures

Dental Process- WHAT TO EXPECT

Depending on the veneers you choose, perhaps the top teeth, the social six (four top teeth and bottom two) or a full set of teeth veneers, the whole process from consultation to application can often be completed in two visits over the course of a few weeks.

Immediate veneers can be applied in only one visit and are the best choice for the time poor. More.

Aftercare Advice & Instructions

Quick guide to maintaining your veneers with our aftercare guidelines

Although porcelain is highly resilient to staining and cannot decay, good veneers still require regular care and attention.

Your technician will discuss aftercare instructions with you.

We recommend checkups at least once a year as well as regular visits to the hygienist for cleaning, otherwise this can lead to bad results for your veneers.


Cosmetic Smile Makeover

Mini-makeovers includes simple procedures like teeth whitening, 'No Preparation Ultrathin Veneers, simple gum level alterations and minor teeth adjustments. 

See cost of a mini smile makeover.

A Smile Makeover is redesigning a new cosmetically enhanced and improved smile. Our technology, staff and state-of-the-art advanced systems ensure that we create beautiful natural looking teeth.



Commonly Asked Veneer Questions

Bonding and veneers can be very powerful in helping patients overcome their insecurities around their smile.

Not only this but they have the potential to reduce sensitivity and the risk of gum disease.

Many reasons patients in London and beyond choose us is because of our attention to detail, the care we provide, how we prepare and the results we achieve.

Procedure, Process & Stages

Does it hurt getting dental veneers?

The procedure can be painless and many patients report little to no pain. The treatment often does not require much any anaesthesia.

However, usually, we are able to complete veneer treatments quickly using little amounts of a local anaesthetic to numb the mouth. This often makes the procedure painless as it helps you to feel more relaxed and comfortable. 

It's normal to experience slight discomfort to gums and the jaw during recovery when eight or more veneers have been fitted, but this should often only lasts a few weeks.

Porcelain Veneer Uses

How do you know if you need veneers and when to get them?

Veneer treatments have many purposes.

Essentially, routine veneer treatments are able to fix issues like discolouration, which can happen as a result of root canal treatments, staining caused by fluoride overuse, or other contributing factors like resin fillings.

Other than treating discoloured teeth, veneers can be used to treat excessive tooth decay, worn down, gappy, overlapping, broken teeth and gummy smiles. 

If you are experiencing any of the above, it's critical to visit us straight away. Our dentists will examine your mouth during your consultation to assess any oral issues that may need to be addressed before placement.

Durable & Long-Lasting

How long do veneers last?

Depending on the material, veneers typically should last 15-20 years.

To ensure longevity, aftercare of your veneers is important - especially during your recovery at home.

Your veneers stand a good chance at lasting longer if you take the proper care following your treatment. This involves regular, monthly check-ups with a hygienist and at home cleaning techniques like flossing and brushing. This will help to prevent infections and veneer failure.   


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