Emax veneers are considered the superior cosmetic solution for improving bad teeth and smile problems with veneers.

Emax veneers last 20+ years or longer with the right care

Regarded as the best porcelain-ceramic veneers on the market, Emax veneers are thinner, longer-lasting, and better suited to mimic natural, organic teeth than their alternatives.  Emax Veneers are thinner, so they require less etching and enamel removal than traditional veneers. They are also stronger and harder, offering superior durability that makes them less susceptible to cracks and chips.

Costing from £1,200 per tooth, patients opting for six veneers per arch can pay £155.79pm using finance over 60 months and placing a £500 deposit.

*The total amount of Credit £6700. Total charge for credit £2647.59. Total Amount Repayable £9347.59. Repayable by 60 monthly payments of £155.79. Representative 14.9% APR. Example based upon treatment costing £6700 repayable over 60 months. Acceptance is subject to status. Terms and conditions apply.

full mouth porcelain veneers offer

Transforming your smile with Emax Veneers

Types of Emax Veneers: Ultrathin, Durathin and Lumineers (drill-free and require little to no prep).

Aside from being extremely thin, Emax veneers, made from pressed ceramic, are a popular option due to the material’s strength, flexibility and durability. Proven to last between 10 and 20 years, they can last a lifetime when cared for properly. 

However, choosing a skilled porcelain veneer dentist with plenty of experience should be non-negotiable. The durability of these veneers relies heavily on the talent of the practitioner placing them. So, it’s best to opt for a cosmetic dentist who has committed much of their career to porcelain veneers, and specifically Emax veneers, like Dr Sam Jethwa, who in this industry needs no introduction. Dr Jethwa is the only cosmetic dentist in the UK who creates Trial smiles by hand – and we’re lucky to have a dentist who is less dependent on technicians and a laboratory to make the important decisions regarding a patient’s smile.

Like conventional veneers, Emax veneers target and treat several problems at once, like tooth staining, crooked teeth, gappy smiles (diastema), short, worn and chipped teeth.

How much do Emax veneers cost?

Emax veneers are available with dental finance over 12 (0%), 24 (0%), 48 and 60 months.

The below finance example breaks down the monthly cost of Emax veneers over 24 months of 0% interest-free financing with £0 deposit. 

Benefits of Emax veneers

  • Non-invasive or minimally invasive
  • Requires less tooth preparation.
  • Teeth are not as weakened compared to conventional veneers.
  • More of the natural tooth is saved and preserved.
  • With some types, the procedure is reversible.
  • The treatment is drill-free and completed in an afternoon.
  • Customised and designed specifically for your smile.
  • Does not affect or increase tooth sensitivity since hardly any enamel is removed.
  • Successful and impressive transformation results.
  • Less prone to chipping compared to zirconium.
  • Emax is more translucent than other porcelain veneers.

The perfect smile in 1,2,3 steps

  1. All veneer transformations begin with a consultation to examine your teeth and oral health to determine if existing conditions might affect your new smile. Our consultations are free and secured by a £25 deposit to reserve the dentist’s time, redeemed off your treatment. If you want to proceed, we will also use this appointment to take moulds of your teeth so we can begin hand-designing and crafting your new veneers. This artistic process can take our cosmetic dentist a full day to design and create before sending it to the lab.
  2. Next, you’ll be invited to have your teeth prepared for treatment, and thankfully, with Emax veneers, minimal or no preparation (depending on the type) is required. Leaving the natural tooth untouched or minimally etched. This process is carried out under local anaesthetic, and you will leave the clinic with a trial smile. 
  3. Two weeks or so later, you’ll revisit the practice to have your new teeth fitted, but first, your natural teeth will be deep cleaned and coated with a special gel to prepare the teeth for bonding. Then, you’ll be ready to have your veneers cemented firmly into place.

No special maintenance or aftercare is required – just treat your Emax veneers like natural teeth.

With the Perfect Smile, our patients can trust they have selected the right dentist for their smile transformation. As Dr Jethwa, one of the best in the UK, on average, fits over a thousand veneers a year. 

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