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All-on-four Dental Implants

Smile, talk, eat and live with ease and confidence again with real-looking, secure full mouth implants.

All on 4 implant offer

The Revolutionary Graftless Full-arch Solution

As a leading tooth implant practitioner, we offer our denture-wearing patients the only available fixed-full arch treatment with over 18 years of clinical success.

All-on-4 is a scientifically proven, full-arch rehabilitation that has restored and transformed hundreds of our patient’s smiles.

More affordable than traditional implants, the All-on concept is a life-changing treatment that can provide patients with a brand new smile in just one day.

Make Ill-fitting, Loose and Uncomfortable Dentures a Thing of the Past

The human eye will barely detect that the teeth in the mouth aren’t your natural ones – you might even forget they’re not your own either!

As dental implants can last a lifetime, you can put an end to worrying about your teeth.

The prosthesis is specially sculpted by our award-winning dental technician, Dr Gurs Sehmi, who, after placing the implants in the most vital part of the front jawbone, will go on to specially sculpt crowns (replacement teeth) to complete the process.

Pay Monthly With 0%

Pay monthly with 0% interest for amazing, discreet dental solutions that realign your smile. Our recommended implant treatments have left thousands of our patients feeling better and more confident about their appearance and the way their smile functions.

What is All-on-4?

All-on-Four is a graftless restorative technique whereby four dental implants support a fixed prosthesis such as a bridge.

The perfect solution for denture wearers or edentulous cases (no teeth at all), the method allows a prosthesis that can hold 10-14 teeth.

Is the All-on-4 Way Right for You?

  • Do you wear loose-fitting dentures that affect your speech or eating?
  • Has gum disease caused your teeth to fall out or e extracted?
  • Are you suffering from jaw bone loss because of multiple missing teeth?
  • Do you have a failing bridge, denture or crown?
  • Do you want to replace loose or missing teeth?

If you’ve answered yes to any of the above, you will qualify for treatment.

We’re Highly Experienced, Hugely Trusted and Can Boast an Exceptional Success Rate

Your restorative dentist matters. Dr Sehmi is one of the UK’s leading implant surgeons with a tonne of experience successfully treating complex cases. He is often the dentist who says yes when others say no.

Since his first All-on-4 procedure in 2010, he has achieved unimaginable results and is often one of the most frequently referred dentists in the London and Hertfordshire area.

“Many edentulous patients have been made to believe that Teeth in a Day is simply not possible – when they visit me, I often can tell them that it is!”

A Great Cost-effective Solution to More Conventional Dental Implant Techniques

The cost of All-on-4 can vary depending on the number of implants you need (4,5, or 6) as well as the material of tooth you opt for.

Here at The Perfect Smile, we charge for consultations with the dentist because he is in high demand, and his time is valuable when advising on complex cases that require the All-on-4 method.

Patients can expect the average cost of All-on-4 to be from £10,000, including the implant, post and dentures, and the dentist’s time.

Can I Spread the Cost With All on Four Finance?

Of course, you can choose to spread the cost with 0% finance over 24 months or up to 60 months with a 9.9% APR.

Spreading the cost of treatment for a £10,000 job with a £500 deposit can translate to 60 monthly payments of £200.57. Spreading costs over 24 months with a £500 deposit can equal £397.92 per month.

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“I cannot recommend this practice highly enough. A truly wonderful experience and I thank all concerned.”

Linda Coleby, Hertford

The All-on-four Procedure

The treatment, which includes the implants, abutments and provisional prosthesis, is placed on the day of surgery.

So, the patient leaves with their top teeth in place and can use the teeth functionally straight away.

Although due to the surgical nature of the treatment, the mouth will be sore initially to eat and chew everyday foods, so we recommend a very soft diet.

However, proper and complete post-operative instructions are detailed to you before any treatment. See aftercare.

Four or six implants have been used in the past to support a prosthesis. However, they were placed more near the front of the mouth.

This is because bone deficiency is seen mainly at the back of the upper and lower jaws and is highly prevalent in cases where all the teeth have been lost for some time.

Discovering the complexity of your case comes in the diagnostics stage, where we learn about your oral condition and prescribe the best solution to your specific case.

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