Composite Bonding

We offer same-day composite bonding treatment in Hertford from £300 per tooth.

Transform individual teeth & dramatically improve your smile

Composite bonding is an incredible, innovative dental procedure that has the power to transform your smile in just 60 minutes. Using a tooth-coloured composite resin that’s sculpted to the tooth in layers, our cosmetic dentists can transform the shape, length and size of your teeth, easily repairing uneven, gapped or chipped teeth. So, if you want to improve your smile without causing any damage to the underlying teeth, composite bonding could be the inexpensive solution you’ve been searching for.

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The cost of composite bonding

It’s difficult to give an exact price for composite bonding as it depends on the reason we’re using it and the size of the imperfection we cover. However, as a baseline, patients can expect the treatment to cost £300 per tooth.

Cheaper than alternative treatments

So, if you want to change the visible portion of your smile, like closing gaps or repairing chips, you can expect to pay below £1,000 to renew your smile.

Patients can spread the cost of their treatment over 12, 24, 36, 48 and 60 months, with the first 24 months being interest-free – an offer you’ll unlikely find with any other Hertfordshire practice.

Your guide to getting composite bonding for the first-time

What is composite bonding?

Traditionally referred to as dental bonding, composite bonding is a trending dental treatment that’s purely used to improve the aesthetics of your teeth in an affordable, minimally invasive way. The treatment involves the application of a safe, composite resin material that covers the surface of your teeth to hide imperfections. The procedure is typically used to enhance a few individual teeth.

If you’re thinking of using composite veneers for a smile makeover, then you’ll want to opt for composite veneers instead, which cover the entire tooth, rather than a small portion.

What to expect after the procedure?

After the treatment you can expect natural-looking results that blend seamlessly with existing teeth and the rest of your smile, with results lasting up to a decade.

Patients who have just undergone the composite bonding procedure can enjoy immediate improvements to the appearance of their smile and should follow our dentist’s instructions to ensure the longest-lasting results. Composite bonding requires no special maintenance, patients should practice good oral hygiene habits and undergo regular dental check-ups.

How long does composite bonding last?

Composite bonding is not a permanent procedure and makes no lasting changes to the underlying teeth. Patients should expect the treatment to last a few years (between 5 and 7) before needing to renew.

What's the procedure like?

The entire process typically begins with a consultation with the dentist to discuss your goals and expectations. Composite bonding is usually suitable for all types of patients of all ages, even if you suffer from sensitive teeth.

The procedure is performed chairside and involves no drilling or injections and is sculpted to the teeth with no need for anaesthetic. The entire process typically takes between 30 and 60 minutes.

The dentist will sculpt the resin material to the surface of your teeth and shaping it to achieve the desired results. Once it’s in place, we’ll harden it and bond it to your teeth using a special curing light. Finally, we will polish the bonded teeth to ensure a natural-looking finish. Learn more.

Benefits of composite bonding
  • Major aesthetic improvements to the shape and size of teeth.
  • It’s minimally invasive unlike some other cosmetic procedures.
  • Requires little to no removal of the natural tooth structure.
  • It’s quick and convenient, being completed in a single visit to the dentist with no need for a follow-up so is great for patients seeking immediate results.
  • The end results are very natural and can be customised to match the colour and texture of your existing teeth, creating a seamless finish.
  • Compared to porcelain veneers, crowns or tooth contouring, composite bonding is more affordable and available to a wider range of patients.
  • It’s the easiest cosmetic procedure to achieve the smile of your dreams, whether you want to fix minor imperfections or achieve a fuller smile makeover.

Explore even more benefits.

What does composite bonding fix?

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