We know that experiencing a broken tooth can be distressing, often causing you discomfort and worry. Don’t worry, we might be able to offer a same-day appointment.

What to do if you've chipped or broken your tooth

A broken tooth that’s chipped or broken off can cause distress and panic. At this moment, it’s essential to book an urgent appointment with a dentist, who can assess the damage and recommend appropriate treatment. With compassionate care and tailored treatment options, our dentists can alleviate your pain quickly, restore function and renew your confidence in your smile again.

chipped and worn teeth

Broken tooth types – diagnosis and symptoms

  • Has your tooth broken off, and it’s black inside?
  • Is your tooth fractured or split? Are there visible fracture lines?
  • Has the tooth cracked in half, and is there no pain?
  • Has your front tooth been chipped? Or a piece of molar broken off?
  • Is the broken tooth root still in the gum?
  • Has half your tooth broken off because of an injury?

Like a crack in a tree’s branch, it will eventually break. The same premise can be applied to teeth. So, if you’ve noticed a crack in your tooth or it’s already broken off, getting it treated as soon as possible will prevent further problems.

Can a broken tooth be saved? Easy and affordable treatment options

With modern dentistry, nothing is impossible. Depending on the extent of the break, we can save or repair your broken tooth with several types of treatment.

Dental bonding
  • To repair minor chips and breaks
  • Costs from £350 per tooth
  • Takes one appointment

Explore treatment.

Dental crown
  • To repair a cracked tooth, where little structure remains
  • Costs from £1,200 per tooth
  • Requires two appointments

Explore crown types.

Composite veneer
  • To repair minor chips and breaks
  • Costs from £500 per tooth
  • Requires one appointment

Explore no-prep veneers.

Porcelain veneer
  • Best aesthetic fix for extensive chips
  • Costs from £900 per tooth
  • Requires two appointments, not including your consultation

Explore thin veneers.

Root canal

We might recommend a root canal to save your tooth if decay was the reason for it to break or crack. However, in instances where a broken tooth cannot be saved, it might require a tooth extraction to prevent further damage or infection. In this case, the tooth can be replaced with a dental implant, which costs from £2,450.

Broken tooth guide

The differences between a tooth break and plaque falling off

In some instances, if a portion of the tooth has broken it off, sometimes it could be plaque or tartar that’s fallen off, which you can tell when there’s no visible damage to the tooth, but it might feel strange or sharp when you run your tongue over it, for example.

What to do if you break a tooth?

Rinse your mouth with warm water to clean the area, applying gauze to the area if there’s any bleeding. If you have broken tooth pieces or fragments save them and apply a cold compress to your mouth to reduce swelling.

What to do with a broken tooth fragment?

Be careful with the fragment and handle it by the crown to avoid touching the root. You can rinse the fragment to remove any dirt or debris and store it with milk or saliva to keep it moist. Avoid storing it in water as it might be possible to reattach the fragment. Prompt treatment increases the chances of successfully repairing the tooth.

What happens when a cracked tooth goes untreated?

When cracked teeth go untreated it invites bacteria to enter the tooth, causing further decay that results in fracture progression, discomfort, pain, and sensitivity. Bacteria entering the crack can also put you at risk for developing an infection, or inflammation in the pulp tissue that might lead to an abscess, infection in the pulp and nerves of the tooth and tooth loss. Read more about the dangers here.

What are the causes a broken tooth?

The most common cause of a broken tooth is trauma, whether it’s an accident, sports injury or biting too hard into objects that cause teeth to chip, crack, or break. Poor dental hygiene, tooth grinding, old and large dental fillings and dental decay are also other causes of a broken tooth as a weakened enamel and structure compromise the strength of the tooth making it more susceptible to breakage.

How long can you go with a broken tooth?

Minor fractures and chips might be tolerated for a short period of time; however, they are entry gates for bacteria to enter, which might cause an infection or decay to spread. During this time, you might experience heightened sensitivity and pain, so it’s essential to treat a broken tooth as soon as possible to prevent further damage and prevent further fractures or breaks to surrounding teeth.

Is it a dental emergency if you’ve broken a tooth?

Depending on the severity of the break will constitute whether your broken tooth is an emergency or not. If it’s accompanied by severe pain, bleeding or swelling then you should book an appointment immediately. Alternatively, broken teeth in visible portions of the smile also pose an aesthetic concern, which might cause you to be self-conscious, and as treatment is relatively simple, you might find it easier to see a dentist straight away.

What are the five types of tooth cracks?

Craze lines, fractured cusp, cracked tooth, split root and vertical root fracture.

Jo Haywood-Gordon
Jo Haywood-Gordon
As a nervous dental patient who has spent many years avoiding attending a dental practice my experience at Perfect Smile Hertford has been nothing but great so far, so thank you, and to Jenny Cader for the referral. All of the staff have been friendly, attentive and professional. They’ve listened and advised accordingly, and haven’t tried to upsell me, merely to advise based on my circumstances and requirements. I’m back in for some minor remedial work and whitening, and for the first time ever, I don’t feel afraid of the dentist!
Faye Lloyd
Faye Lloyd
The best in every way. Highly skilled, hugely empathetic, caring, professional service. Gurs and his team have given me the freedom to smile again. I’ll always be grateful. Thank you x
Lucy Weedon (Lucy)
Lucy Weedon (Lucy)
I had my composite bonding done by Sagar Shah, he done an amazing job! Although it’s a small change made to my teeth it’s made the world of difference with my confidence, before I never smiled with my teeth showing but all I do is smile with them now. The whole team at perfect smile makes your feel comfortable from the get go and are always very helpful. I recommended my brother to perfect smile and he couldn’t be happier either. It’s been a year and Sagar is still the most helpful dentist when I have any questions.
Amy Lock
Amy Lock
Lovely and friendly place Chelsea is really helpful and makes you feel at ease
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Kim Robertson
Fabulous service, never had such kind service in any dentist. Amazing team and beautiful surroundings.
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Fatima Ruscoe
I have been a patient at perfect smile studio for 20 years I am happy with the treatment I received ,all the staff are very helpful and professional Dr SAGA SHAH is amazing nothing is too much trouble for him . he’s caring and kind and a perfectionist ,and Katy is very helpful and caring .I feel very comfortable when I go for my appointments ,the staff are very welcoming , I definitely recommend the perfect smile studio , thanks to all the lovely people at the perfect smile studio for all the care you have given me over the years
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John H
Incredibly friendly and professional. I had particularly complex surgery and the team were amazing throughout.
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Sergey Murals
Great result
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Samantha Turner
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Colin Cotterell
Excellent service and treatment.