Here to help you through a crisis. We’re available for emergency appointments right now to deal with toothache, throbbing tooth pain, chipped, broken or missing teeth (plus, lots more).

With specialists spanning across multiple fields of dentistry available now at our practice, we can take care of your every need, solving your urgent problem under one roof with no need for referrals or delays. We’re open till 6.30 pm.


The only dentists in Hertford you’ll want to handle your emergency

The Perfect Smile Studios has been building an incredible team of talented and highly educated dentists for patients who require help advice and treatment in multiple areas of dentistry. 

As an integral part of the Hertfordshire community for the last 25 years, our local patients know they can rely on dedicated dentists who look after their smile’s functionality and aesthetics too. 

25 years of being an emergency dentist

If there’s one thing you need to remember about The Perfect Smile Studios, we offer and cover everything. There’s not one area of dentistry we don’t deliver for our patients, which means all your dental work can be carried out by some of the best dentists in the UK, all under one roof. If you can’t find your problem listed below, don’t worry – we’re just showing the most common emergency smile problems.

Dental emergencies we treat – no registration required

Toothache or Pain

Toothache or throbbing pain will be mostly down to decay and can usually be treated with either a dental filling or root canal.

Wisdom Teeth

Impacted wisdom teeth can be terribly painful, let us take a look to see what we can do to avoid extraction.

Swollen Gums

Swollen gums are a sign of something serious occurring like periodontal disease, our specialist to recommend next steps.

Broken Prosthetics

Snapped dentures? Broken braces? Veneer or crown fallen off? Our same-day technology can help.

Missing Teeth

Tooth fallen or knocked out? Act quickly now to save it, or look into our same-day tooth replacement options.

Dental Abscesses

Have an infection causing a build-up pus in your teeth or gums? Let's repair your smile and get your oral condition healthy again.

The faster you book, the sooner you’re seen

Emergency patients can rest assured that we can alleviate even the most extensive of smile problems. Our practice is equipped with the right technology and the right dentists, who can not only look after your smile from a functional point of view, but also ensure the aesthetics are never lost, but improved. We’re also CQC registered.

Our emergency patients have access to an incredible team

Your teeth matter. Our state-of-the-art, in-house CEREC technology means we can provide patients with same-day crowns and veneers should they require it. Other advanced technologies include a 3D CT scanner, which helps us to diagnose problems more accurately (and faster) than ever before, helping you get to find a solution faster.

The members of our emergency dental team will be in charge of the management of your case from start to finish and are often known for repairing smiles with certain techniques that other practices cannot. For simpler, emergency cases, we have an experienced team of dental hygienists and nurses, who can help with any preliminary or preventive work to keep your teeth and gums healthier for longer.

Dr Sam Jethwa


Veneer dentist

Dr Gurs Sehmi


Missing teeth dentist

Dr Pano Kaimakamis







Avoiding disaster - be seen today within the hour

We reserve special emergency appointments daily to cater to our patients who need us the most.

However, these appointments are limited, and we advise emergency patients to contact the practice immediately and preferably first thing in the morning (we open at 8.30 am).

That said, we understand that emergencies are often unexpected and unplanned, so we will do our best to ensure you’re scheduled to see one of our dentists as soon as possible, if not immediately. 

Practice details & Opening Hours (We're not 24/7)

*Dental sedation provider for nervous and anxious patients

  • Address: 7-9 South St, Hertford, Hertfordshire SG14 1AZ
  • Phone: 01992 552115

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