The ultimate smile design from The Perfect Smile

We pride ourselves in our extremely high levels of patient care. We give our patients world class dental care in a relaxing setting.

Our handpicked team of dentists can design your ideal smile using advanced dental technology and the latest digital software to accurately predict the outcomes of a variety of different treatments.

We can create the exact aesthetic you want, whether that’s a perfectly symmetrical smile, a subtle, natural looking smile or an eye-catching Hollywood smile.

We use our expertise to create a beautiful and healthy smile for you using a combination of cosmetic and restorative treatment options which may include porcelain crowns, bespoke dental bridges, and single or multiple implants. Our aesthetic and restorative dentistry treatments are competitively priced. If you would like to discuss your treatment options and get a personalised quote, book an appointment today.

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The Latest Smile Tech

Dental Imaging Technology

We use the latest technology to take 3D images of your teeth and gums. No messy putty impressions are needed. View images instantly on screen. Save time and money at the Perfect Smile Studios.

Have a look at our other cutting-edge equipment.

What does this mean to me?

Advanced Digital Dentistry

Our highly skilled dentists create bespoke treatment plans for our patients using advanced digital dentistry. Using the latest technology and state-of-the-art software we can give our patients world class dental care.

Your New Smile

We Create Incredible Smiles

Choose from a classic perfect smile or a healthy, natural smile. Our smile improvement dentistry includes six month smiles and Snap on Smiles.

Boost your smile with a smile makeover or Hollywood Smile.

A Complete Smile Makeover Guide

Ultra Digital CT Scan

Our in-house 3D digital CT scanner gives our dentists exceptionally detailed images of your teeth and jaw.

This allows them to make fast and accurate diagnoses and start you on the most appropriate treatment plan immediately.

Save yourself time and money – our advanced dentistry equipment makes sure we get it right first time.


The T-Scan® system enables our dentists to take a more informed and proactive approach to patient care, reducing repeat dental visits.

We use the T-Scan before most dental treatments including fillings, dentures, crowns & bridges, veneers, implants and orthodontics.

Using the T-Scan means fewer postoperative complications and problems for future treatments.

Highly Skilled Dentists with in house specialists

The dentistry team led by Dr Rahul Doshi and Dr Bhavna Doshi have impeccable credentials as dentists.

Over 2,600 smile makeovers completed and over 15,000 dental veneers fitted.

They use their skill, expertise and vast clinical experience when treating their patients. You are in safe hands at The Perfect Smile Studios. Meet our dentists.

Digital Smile Design

Using our innovative digital smile designing software & technology we can show you before / after images of your smile after your dental treatment.

The digital images allow our dentists to recommend the best course of treatment to get the results you want.

Let us show you how amazing your smile could look at a consultation.

Design Your Perfect Smile

We use our advanced technology and dental expertise to design and create the smile you have always wanted.

Our dentists can makeover your smile using quality veneers, braces and teeth whitening treatments.

Whether you want a beautiful, natural looking smile or an A list celebrity smile, The Perfect Smile Studios can make it happen.

Trial Smile Design

Try out your smile before starting treatment!

The Trial Smile is a provisional temporary smile that is placed onto your teeth. It allows you to “test-drive” your new smile before you commit to it.

Our dentists ensure that the Trial Smile they receive is exactly what the patient wants with their smile. See our patient testimonials.

Perfect Smile

Our digital smile design software helps us plan the treatments you need to get your perfect smile in the shortest time possible.

Using top brands like Lumineers veneers and Invisalign braces, we can create the perfect smile you’ve always wanted, virtually pain free.

This inevitably leads to the creation of a smile that is very natural looking in shape, form and function.

Natural Smile

Enhance your smile with our advanced treatments. Find out more.

Restore your natural teeth or choose life-like porcelain veneers.

Veneers create the illusion of a beautiful, healthy smile by correcting misalignment, closing gaps and masking discolouration.

Hollywood Smile

The famous Hollywood Smile is guaranteed to get you noticed.

We transform your teeth into a dazzling, uniform, bright white smile using minimal intervention for maximum results.

No need for costly repeat visits or lengthy procedures. Get pain-free smile perfection in as little as two visits with instant veneers.