Tooth Whitening in hertford

Eliminate stains or yellow teeth in as little as one appointment.

Fast-Acting Professional Tooth Whitening from £260

Thinking of whitening your teeth? Hate the look of yellow teeth or stains? Eliminate discolouration and surface stains today with professional tooth whitening products that can lighten your teeth up to 8 shades, with almost immediate results. Our team of passionate cosmetic dentists in Hertford can help you remove stains from your teeth, improve the overall colour and ensure they look whiter for years to come.

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Brighter teeth

  • Whiten one arch from £260
  • Whiten both arches from £380
  • 0% finance over 3,6 and 12 months

Explore tooth whitening benefits.

A prior consultation is require

When whitening your teeth professionally with any dentist, prior consultation is required to ensure it’s safe to use, as patients with sensitive gums, cavities or current tooth decay are at risk for developing side effects, so we must ensure the teeth and gums are healthy before whitening.

Additionally, if you’re opting for at-home whitening kits, we’ll take impressions for your custom trays during this appointment.

Everything you need to know about professional tooth whitening

Read our guide to getting whiter teeth at the dentist:

How long will it last?

Professional whitening can last between six months and three years, depending on the brand and application type. Laser whitening tends to last longer than at-home kits, but patients should expect at least 12 months of improved results. Top-up kits can be bought to maintain the shade.

Types of tooth whitening

Like most dentists, we offer two types of tooth whitening to choose from depending on what suits you best. For example, patients can choose to whiten their teeth with customised trays in the privacy of their own home, or chairside at our practice over a few appointments with laser whitening.


Offering only one brand of at-home whitening, our cosmetic dentists recommend it over others, as it limits tooth sensitivity and provides long-lasting results. We’ve worked with this brand for years and are confident in recommending it for patients with sensitive teeth.

The whitening procedure

The tooth whitening procedure can vary depending on what type of whitening you choose. If you select our at-home kits, you can expect to wear your whitening trays for around 30 minutes per day over two weeks. More gentle formulas can be worn overnight. 

In-chair whitening solutions typically take an hour, which the dentist will apply a bleaching product that’s painted onto the teeth and cured with light/laser to activate the formula. 

For example, in-chair solutions typically take around 60 minutes, where a bleaching product is painted onto the teeth, and a light or laser is then used to activate the whitening.

What can tooth whitening target and improve?
  • Stains from foods and beverages
  • Discolouration and stains caused by smoking
  • Exposed dentin from erosion and wear
  • Dentition that has yellowed with age

In some cases, tooth whitening can be used to target fluorosis or stains caused by trauma or decay. However, in the instances where tooth whitening will not work, especially in cases where we need to whiten a dead tooth, we’ll likely recommend dental crowns on veneers instead.

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What you get when you whiten with us

  • Clinically proven formulas that reduce sensitivity
  • Custom teeth whitening trays fitted by a dentist
  • Free consultation to discuss your needs
  • Results that last between 12 and 24 months
  • High-strength at-home kits that only need to be worn 30 minutes a day
  • Same-day whitening appointments