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Confidence-boosting dental enhancements, from tooth whitening to a complete smile makeover. 

1 hour treatments to improve your smile

We offer all patients various treatment options for several tooth problems, from tooth loss to broken teeth. Our experienced cosmetic dentists combine several dental solutions to deliver a smile that looks and feels healthier with treatments available on 0% finance over 24 months. Call 01992 552115 today.

How much does cosmetic dentistry cost?

Prices of our most popular cosmetic treatments:

Find your tooth problem below and discover the recommended treatment options available and cost.

Crooked Teeth

Crooked teeth can be treated with veneers or braces. Adult orthodontics take from six months and veneers from two appointments.

Discoloured Teeth

Improve your tooth colour with enhanced, professional teeth whitening systems, which can lighten teeth up to several shades in a few weeks.

Gapped Teeth

Align and remove spaces between teeth to deliver a better and more appealing smile. Choices for closing or hiding gaps including veneers, bonding or Invisalign.

Dark crown lines

Replace old, broken or chipped crowns with the highest quality ceramic materials for long-lasting results indistinguishable from your existing teeth.

Rotten Teeth

We can apply several treatments to treat and repair rotting teeth, which also focus on restoring aesthetics back to a natural and healthy state.

Narrow Smiles

Narrow arches show six or fewer teeth and can be easily corrected by several cosmetic treatments that make the smile appear wider.

Worn Teeth

Have your teeth gotten smaller due to ageing or abrasive/erosive wear and tear? It's an easy fix involving treatments that take no longer than an hour.

Bite Problems

Patients are often embarrassed of their teeth if they have the appearance of an overbite, "underbite" or overjet. Fix severe malocclusions in 12 months.

Gummy smiles

We offer the latest treatment options for too much gum, uneven gum lines and even gum recession if you suffer from gum disease.

missing tooth solutions

Missing front tooth

Discover all of the ways that we can replace a lost front tooth using both traditional and modern methods. Prices beginning from £750.

hertfordshire dental patient

Missing Back tooth

Replacing a missing molar might not seem essential as it's often hidden away but patients should consider the oral health consequences first.

avoid turkey teeth

Receding gums

When you notice gums beginning to recede it's a massive cause for concern and calls for fast action to prevent you losing your teeth for good.

picture of black teeth

Black Teeth

A black tooth is usually an indication of advanced dental decay or infection, unless black patches or spots are caused by staining. Explore treatments.

chipped and worn teeth

Broken Teeth

Repairing a broken tooth is fairly straightforward and can be completed in one appointment with treatment options costing from £300.

picture of buck teeth

Buck Teeth

As cosmetic dentists and orthodontists, we employ unique dental methods to realign buck or protruding teeth with invisible devices in under 12 months.

decayed grey tooth

Grey Teeth

Worried about grey teeth? In some cases, it’s natural for teeth to turn grey, which can happen for several reasons, some of which might be a concern.

photo of crooked teeth

Crowded teeth

Do most of the teeth in your jaw overlap? Do you have too many teeth or little space in your mouth to fit them all, resulting in overcrowding?

buck teeth before and after image

Overjet Teeth

Overjets are usually defined by measuring how far (in mm) the top teeth protrude over the bottom teeth in the anterior-posterior plane

image of crossibte


Crossbites are defined by the posterior teeth not meeting or closing correctly when biting down, meaning that the teeth in the upper jaw are too far forward.

before and after ultrathin veneers

Small Teeth

If you're teeth are naturally small, or are short due to age and excessive wear, we have simple, non-invasive treatments to make them appear longer.

Abscessed tooth

Sensitive Teeth

Do you wince from time to time or experience tooth pain when consuming certain foods or beverages? It can be cured very easily from £150.

yellowing teeth

Yellow Teeth

A lack of good hygiene is likely not the problem or reason behind your yellow teeth.

We create smiles to suit your personality, look, and face.

Smile design is not just about changing your appearance.

It is advantageous for diagnosing and avoiding underlying dental problems in later life.

It is also an excellent way to ensure that with every enhancement you make to your teeth, you receive the correct and current treatment and gain excellent results. More.

Or see our Complete Care Aesthetics.


We can create predictable bespoke smile improvements that are unique and suitable for your face and personality – this helps guarantee results that our patients are pleased with.

We always avoid any expensive or unnecessary treatments.

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Creating happy patients: See your new smile before we begin.

This fantastic process uses innovative digital technology to produce a new smile following how you imagine your eventual teeth and smile.


We create the ultimate smile by designing your new smile using cutting-edge technology not available at other practices – this can result in teeth and gums transforming your dental and oral health.


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