Yellow Teeth

Natural remedies won’t do much to help if you have yellow teeth as opposed to the teeth beginning to yellow.

The possible real reason your teeth appear yellow

Brush your teeth twice a day, floss and maintain a good oral hygiene, but not sure why your teeth are still yellow? A lack of good hygiene is likely not the problem or reason behind your yellow teeth. Ageing and enamel wear are more believable causes because surface stains are easily removed with good oral hygiene practices and regular hygienist visits. When the enamel has begun to erode, exposing the yellow dentin underneath, then no amount of rigorous brushing, natural at-home remedies or hygiene appointments will fix the problem.

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Whiten yellow teeth

We’re not just any kind of dentist; we’re cosmetic dentists, which means we know that patients who want to see a radical change when attempting to whiten their teeth need a professional-grade tooth-whitening system. 

Patients will need to seek out products like Philips Zoom! Whitening, Boutique Whitening and Enlighten Evolution to achieve the best results, which can be noticeable in a few weeks and maintained over years.

Our professional teeth whitening products are safe, sensitivity-approved, and strong. This means they can penetrate deep into the enamel and remove years of staining with powerful bleaching agents. 

Because no patient wants to wait months to see whiter and brighter results, they want an immediate and instant solution. 

At-home whitening strips are annoying, time-consuming, and almost ineffective, wasting time and money. Instead, pay monthly for professional whitening and relish the fact that it works.


Professional tooth whitening can instantly whiten your teeth – taking your teeth up to six shades lighter with in-chair laser whitening. 

At-home professional whitening will require two weeks of wear time, with patients wearing custom-made trays overnight or for up to an hour per day.


The effects of professional teeth whitening can be seen for up to three years with particular brands.

Patients can expect the results to last for a minimum of 12 months, and they can purchase top-up kits after this time at a reduced rate, which can, in some cases, be posted to them if they initially received treatment with us. 


Professional teeth whitening is not as expensive as expected and is available on 0% finance from £21.60 per month. 

Guide to yellow teeth

Learn about yellow teeth, from causes to treatments and alternative ways to whiten and brighten your smile forever. Explore tooth whitening costs.

Causes of yellow teeth
  • Types of foods and drinks like tea, coffee and red wine.
  • Smoking or chewing tobacco.
  • Everyday wear and tear of enamel or ageing.
  • Certain medications, genetics and natural causes.
Can teeth be whitened permanently?

Teeth whitening is not permanent, using high quality brands you can expect results to last between 12 and 36 months. If you properly take care of your teeth you can boost their brightness.

Is dentist teeth whitening worth it?

If you’re looking for fast results, then professional whitening is worth it. It’s way more effective than any at-home remedy or OTC whitening strips. 

How often should you whiten your teeth?

While how often you should whiten your teeth will depend on your lifestyle and oral habits, dentist generally recommend to boost results every six months or so.

Can you reverse teeth yellowing?

If your teeth appear yellow because of the exposed dentin underneath, there’s no natural cure to whiten it, as you cannot regrow enamel, which means you cannot reverse teeth yellowing. You can do so, however, if yellow teeth are caused by external staining.

Professional tooth whitening can work on both extrinsic and intrinsic stains.