Cost of Tooth Whitening

How much is tooth whitening UK?

Costs range from £260 to £1,000. Remember, tooth whitening is often priced by arch, too. 

Average UK tooth whitening prices by brand

  • Boutique Whitening: £345
  • Enlighten Evolution: £550
  • Philips Zoom! £600
  • Laser Tooth Whitening: £500

The cost varies because

The cost of tooth whitening in the UK, in short, can vary. Private practices offer varying fees, which might mean patients need to shop around to find the right deal.

That said, be aware of lower-than-usual prices, which might indicate a scam or a non-dental professional performing the treatment. Patients should only seek tooth whitening from accredited dental professionals trained in administering bleaching agents.

The cost of tooth whitening in the UK can also vary on the type of tooth whitening you opt for.

Different brands promise and guarantee different results and, therefore, can differ in price. For example, in-chair laser tooth whitening can be more expensive than at-home dentist-prescribed brands like Boutique Whitening.

This is mainly because in-chair solutions will last longer than at-home devices. For example, laser whitening is expected to last up to three years, whereas at-home Boutique Whitening results will only last one year.

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Our prices for tooth whitening:

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Can you get teeth whitening on the NHS?

Tooth whitening is not covered on the NHS as it’s a cosmetic procedure. Only in rare circumstances, where patients display a medical need for whitening, will they be eligible for NHS teeth whitening treatment, but even these cases are limited. Patients who want tooth whitening more often than not need to be self-funded and acquire the agents through private practices.

That said, private practices around the country, like ours, offer 0% financing, which means patients interested in our whitening products in Hertford can enjoy 24 months of interest-free financing. Equating to as low as £10.84 a month.

At-home kits vs professional whitening

When achieving a brighter smile, the debate between at-home whitening kits and professional dental whitening solutions is easy.

Whilst at-home kits are undoubtedly the cheaper option, we know, as dentists, that they are often ineffective and a waste of money, especially as they fail to deliver desired results.

Professional dental whitening solutions, administered under the supervision of experienced dentists, offer a more tailored and effective approach.

At-home kits typically contain lower concentrations of whitening agents, leading to slower and less noticeable results.

Moreover, the lack of professional oversight in at-home applications may result in uneven whitening, tooth sensitivity, or, in some cases, minimal improvement.

Investing in professional dental whitening ensures a safer and more efficient process.

It provides a customised treatment plan that addresses individual needs, ultimately delivering a more satisfying and lasting outcome for those seeking a radiant and confident smile.