How To Protect Your Child’s Teeth

July 9, 2017 by Dr Rahul Doshi

Dental Health, Health & Wellbeing

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Despite the fact that children today have healthier teeth than ever before, tooth decay rates could still be improved with joint efforts from the government, communities, and parents.

This is evident from a nursery programme in Scotland called Childsmile, where nursery staff offered free tooth-brushing for children every day. The initiative dramatically reduced costs in dental care for five-year-old children living in Scotland.

Taking proper care of a child’s teeth is not difficult if the foundations are laid early.

When teaching children how to take care of their teeth, establishing habits and making youngsters realise that daily brushing is vital are the two most important things to concentrate on.

It is never too early to start taking care of a child’s oral and dental health, even before the appearance of the first tooth, experts say. It is recommended to clean the baby’s gums with a damp cloth, and to start brushing after the first tooth pops up with a soft bristle and a very small amount of baby toothpaste.

As children grow up, turning brushing into fun is extremely important. Allowing the child to help when choosing a brush is a good idea. Electric brushes are useful not only because they are fun, but because they ensure better control over brushing movements which are sometimes hard for pre-schoolers.

It is also important to teach your child about healthy food and why sugar can be dangerous. Explain which foods are good and which can cause harm. Snacking should be limited between meals, and foods and beverages that contain high amounts of acids should be avoided, specialists say.

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