Dr Rahul Doshi voted into the Top 50 most influential UK dentists

January 7, 2019 by Dr Gurs Sehmi

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Proudly Voted by Fellow UK Dental Professionals

Every year, Dentistry.co.uk conducts an exclusive survey that’s voted by dental professions across the UK. The Top 50 list includes a range of dentists, campaigners and politicians that dental professionals consider as top influencers on the UK dentistry industry.

Dr Rahul Doshi, the founder and principal dentist at The Perfect Smile, was voted no. 40 by his fellow dental peers.

Dr Doshi was awarded The Outstanding Contribution to Dentistry in March 2017 and was recently elected as the President of the BACD.

The Top 50 list conducted by Dentistry.co.uk is a highly prestigious list that gains high coverage by fellow dental professionals in the UK. By being voted onto the Top 50 most influential dentists in the country, The Perfect Smile is proud of Dr Doshi’s accomplishments and achieving this honour.

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Dr Gurs Sehmi

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