Can you get cosmetic dentistry on the nhs?

Cosmetic dentistry & the NHS

Unfortunately, the treatments available on the National Health Service (NHS) only aim to preserve the teeth and their functioning. Therefore any treatment available on the NHS is for health purposes only.

Due to budget restraints, the NHS cannot provide more complex and advanced dentistry.

This would include any treatment that is cosmetic in nature. Hence, the options available on the NHS are limited to cheaper treatments that do the job sufficiently to create a healthy mouth. Find out more here.

Private and independent dental treatments allow for a much greater scope of dentistry to be provided that is aimed at health, function, and aesthetics. We can carry out a range of cosmetic dentistry at our Hertford clinic. Transform your smile today.

This means that they can provide more comprehensive care of your mouth. Also, since there are no budget constraints, we can provide you with multiple treatment options that fall on a spectrum of budget and quality.

You will not be able to have any form of cosmetic treatments such as veneers and tooth-coloured crowns on the NHS. Also, orthodontic teeth straightening treatment is restricted to children under the age of 16 years.

However, if any treatment does become necessary due to infection or structural deterioration of a tooth, there should be no reason as to why the NHS dentist can’t do the dentistry in an aesthetic “way”. So if, for example, the front four teeth need restoring, the dentist can do the fillings in a manner that makes the teeth look good.

Teeth at the back will not be done using tooth-coloured materials on the NHS as the treatment should serve as a functional purpose only.

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What treatments are available on the NHS?

Specialist treatments are not available on the NHS and are restricted to private work. This is because they require a higher level of qualifying materials, products, and techniques.

This can include more costly items such as a high magnification digital microscope or 3D digital scanner, which would simply not be affordable on an NHS budget.

Treatments not allowed on the NHS:

  • Intrinsic staining / Replacement of discoloured fillings
  • Replacement of silver or dark back teeth fillings
  • Replacement of old-looking crowns
  • Veneer treatments
  • Any treatment cosmetic in nature
  • Adult teeth straightening orthodontics
  • Specialist treatments / Implant Dentistry

We specialize in customising your Treatment Plan to suit your specific needs and requirements. We can select compatible choices for your treatments that provide you with comfortable, cost-effective and long-lasting dentistry.

Private Dentistry will provide you with:

  • A greater spectrum of treatment choices
  • A higher quality of materials, products, and brands.
  • More time to spend during treatment.
  • Treatments to suit different budgets.
  • More advanced innovative solutions.
  • A wide range of cosmetic treatments.
  • A higher quality of foundational treatments

We can also provide more advanced and newer innovative solutions, which would be impossible on the NHS.

For more information on our cosmetic treatments, such as dental veneers or implants, contact us on 01992 552115. You can also visit us at our clinic in Hertfordshire by booking a free consultation with us today.