How Risky Is Your Dental Implant?

September 24, 2017 by Dr Rahul Doshi

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Success of Dental Implants is dependent on correct and continual management of certain risk factors associated with obtaining treatment. It can be detrimental to ignore these risk factors and not take care of teeth implant treatment.

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Risk factors that reduce success of Dental Implants:implant 5

  • Smoking. This prevents and inhibits healing around the implant especially when infected tissues exist.
  • Previous history of gum disease. This predisposes you to future disease if your oral hygiene has not been maintained. More information.
  • The design, manufacture and surface of implant. There are so many different types of teeth implant systems on the market, that the type of dental implant chosen must be done so with extreme care. You need to have the correct system that is compatible with your mouth. Find out more.
  • The experience of the clinician placing the implant. You will be pleased to know that we have hand-picked the clinician that does our Implant work. His name is Andreas Weigt and travels to us all the way from Berlin. Our Implant Team follows strict protocols of safety and patient care.
  • The design of the teeth (crown, bridge and denture). This is where the experience of the dentist London comes into play. Our cosmetic dentists and general dentist London will carefully devise an appropriate Treatment Plan of action that is suitable for your specific circumstances. Click here.
  • Continued Maintenance (annual maintenance recommended). This is where the dentist is able to check that there is no deterioration of any treatment that you may have had done. We need to make sure that we can intervene immediately the moment we notice any such deterioration. Read about the maintenance process.

Maintaining oral health after treatmentimplant 7

Films of bacteria called Biofilm start to appear on implants as quickly as they do on teeth. The major problem is that this biofilm on implants is resistant to antibiotics and antiseptics.

Hence, the biofilm can damage the tissues that keep the implant in place. Thus, the accuracy of your cleaning of your teeth and implants is very vital. Click here.

Dental Implant placement requires the patients gums to be healthy prior to implant placement and at least 6 months healing period allowed after any gum (periodontal) treatment. See: Care required before implant.

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