Calls For More Guidance About Dental Implants

The government is planning to make the public more aware of the risks of rushing into dental implant surgery, according to an article on Discover our success.

With an increasing amount of people opting for the treatment – which involves a titanium screw being inserted into the jaw – there has also been a rise in online adverts for cheap same-day procedures, as well as patients traveling abroad to pay a lower price for the treatment.

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Dentistry minister Lord Howe warns that these reduced-price treatments do not provide essential ongoing clinical care and support, which can lead to problems later on such as infection, tissue damage, bone damage and operational failures.

As well as better information for patients – including advice about alternative options such as bridges or dentures – there will also be ‘clear and consistent’ guidelines drawn up for dentistry practices. See our advice.

implant 7Raising awareness

The announcement comes after former dentist and Conservative peer Baroness Gardner of Parkes called for the government to raise awareness of the risks involved with this type of treatment. Find out the complications.

Having herself been unaware of the risk of peri-implantitis (an inflammatory disease caused by bacterial infection between the bone and the implant), she emphasised the fact that: “An implant is not a treatment you just have and forget”. Check out before care advice.

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Oral surgery and Implants are surgical procedures. These procedures require a high level of organization in order to keep things safe and meet the current standards of excellence in practice.

The Implant Coordinator liaises with the various dentists concerned to highlight exactly the needs for your appointment.

She is responsible for organizing every detail of your Implant/oral surgery procedure according to the dentist’s prescription.


Will dental implants last a lifetime? Once the implant has fused with your jawbone and tissues, the artificial titanium implant acts as an ordinary root.

The longevity of your implant depends on how you improve and maintain your oral health.