Alter the length or shape of your tooth.

Minor Tweaks & Tooth Reshaping

Dental contouring or enameloplasty might sound like a scary or painful procedure. Still, it’s relatively simple and painless, taking at least thirty minutes to reshape your smile and improve small imperfections. So whether you have some teeth longer than others or minor chips, tooth contouring might be the inexpensive treatment solution.

The Perfect Smile Studio

Tooth contouring facts

  • Typically, it takes 30 minutes
  • The enamel is reshaped, not the tooth
  • No anaesthetic is required
  • Small drills or lasers alter the enamel’s shape or length

Our cosmetic dentists mostly recommend tooth contouring to address minor cosmetic concerns rather than more complex dental issues that require more significant changes to the tooth structure. You want to make minor adjustments with tooth contouring as the enamel is being reshaped, not the tooth – to make larger changes to the tooth, you’ll want to opt for veneers instead.

As tooth contouring can weaken the teeth, it’s better to opt for other tooth reshaping treatments for bigger alterations.

Are you suitable for the procedure?

Your suitability for the procedure and the success of tooth contouring will ultimately depend on the factors like the thickness of your enamel and the overall health of the teeth and gums. 

Before committing to the procedure, a through consultation with a cosmetic dentist, which will consist of an evaluation of your oral health will be essential in determining whether tooth contouring is the appropriate treatment choice to achieve your desired results.

Your initial consultation will also take x-rays or other imaging techniques to assess the underlying tooth structure and identify any potential issues that might impact the contouring process.

What tooth contouring is for
  • Alter the shape, length or surface of the tooth.
  • Correct minor imperfections and improve the appearance of teeth.
  • Adjust the length of teeth that appear longer or shorter than adjacent teeth.
  • To create a more even, balanced smile.
  • Smooth out rough, jagged or irregular edges to wear and tear.
  • Reshape chips or fractures to restore symmetry to your smile.
  • Reshape pointed or overlapping teeth to create a more even smile line.
  • Correct natural pits or grooves on the surface of teeth that can trap bacteria.
  • Fix mild crowding or overlapping teeth to improve bite alignment.
The dental contouring procedure

The procedure works to improve the teeth by reshaping and recontouring the enamel.

Following from your consultation, where we would have made a plan that outlined the specific areas of the teeth that require reshaping and the extent of enamel which needs to be removed, we’ll begin using special dental instruments like sanding disks and fine diamond burs that gently removes small amounts of enamel from the surface of the teeth.

The procedure is often completed without the need for anaesthesia, however, in some cases some local anaesthetic will be given to ensure a comfortable procedure.

Once the right level of contouring has been achieved, the cosmetic dentist will smooth and polish the treated teeth to create a natural-looking finish – this part of the process eliminates any rough edges or uneven surfaces and enhances the tooth’s structure.

Post-procedure instructions typically involve maintaining optimal oral hygiene and routine check-ups and cleans are essential for monitoring the long-term results.

How much does tooth contouring cost?

The cost of tooth contouring can vary depending on the type of and number of teeth that need reshaping, or the extend of reshaping required. Generally, in the UK, the costs for this procedure can vary from £100 to £300 and at our clinic, patients should expect costs to begin from £300 per tooth.

Available on 0% dental finances, patients can spread the cost of their treatment over 24 months with no additional cost of credit and without placing a deposit.

Fatima Ruscoe
Fatima Ruscoe
I have been a patient at perfect smile studio for 20 years I am happy with the treatment I received ,all the staff are very helpful and professional Dr SAGA SHAH is amazing nothing is too much trouble for him . he's caring and kind and a perfectionist ,and Katy is very helpful and caring .I feel very comfortable when I go for my appointments ,the staff are very welcoming , I definitely recommend the perfect smile studio , thanks to all the lovely people at the perfect smile studio for all the care you have given me over the years
Stuart Boardman
Stuart Boardman
Having now completed my treatment, I would like to thank David and his team for my new smile, I am delighted The levels of skill and care I received were of the highest standard and I would have no hesitation recommending this A Team to anyone. Thanks again Guys.
Jo Haywood-Gordon
Jo Haywood-Gordon
As a nervous dental patient who has spent many years avoiding attending a dental practice my experience at Perfect Smile Hertford has been nothing but great so far, so thank you, and to Jenny Cader for the referral. All of the staff have been friendly, attentive and professional. They've listened and advised accordingly, and haven't tried to upsell me, merely to advise based on my circumstances and requirements. I'm back in for some minor remedial work and whitening, and for the first time ever, I don't feel afraid of the dentist!
Faye Lloyd
Faye Lloyd
The best in every way. Highly skilled, hugely empathetic, caring, professional service. Gurs and his team have given me the freedom to smile again. I’ll always be grateful. Thank you x
Lucy Weedon (Lucy)
Lucy Weedon (Lucy)
I had my composite bonding done by Sagar Shah, he done an amazing job! Although it’s a small change made to my teeth it’s made the world of difference with my confidence, before I never smiled with my teeth showing but all I do is smile with them now. The whole team at perfect smile makes your feel comfortable from the get go and are always very helpful. I recommended my brother to perfect smile and he couldn’t be happier either. It’s been a year and Sagar is still the most helpful dentist when I have any questions.
Amy Lock
Amy Lock
Lovely and friendly place Chelsea is really helpful and makes you feel at ease
Kim Robertson
Kim Robertson
Fabulous service, never had such kind service in any dentist. Amazing team and beautiful surroundings.
John H
John H
Incredibly friendly and professional. I had particularly complex surgery and the team were amazing throughout.
Sergey Murals
Sergey Murals
Great result

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