Are Implants Better Than Dentures?

Two of our most popular cosmetic treatments are implants and dentures. Both treatments can achieve a fantastic result that restores your confident smile, but this depends on what’s best for you. “We will offer a solution that can achieve the perfect smile you can be confident with.”Dr David Bloom

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At a Glance

For some people, implants are a better fit for treatment. However, for others, dentures would be the more suitable alternative.

Both treatments are excellent in their respect. The success and longevity of any treatment depend on the appropriateness of each treatment to the individual case.

They each become the proper treatment in the appropriate circumstances.

You can also choose to have dentures supported by implants. So you have implants placed in the jaw and a removable denture that fits securely on top.

The best way of choosing between dentures and implants is to look at the advantages of each treatment and see which you would prefer.

The Choice of Treatment Depends on:

The amount and quality of the bone levels in the jawbone. Bone density would be a deciding factor as to whether implants would be correct for you instead of dentures.

In most instances, there is good bone support which reduces the complexity of the treatment.

However, dentures may be your only alternative in situations where you don’t have enough bone, or you may need to consider an advanced treatment like bone grafting.

  • The Number of Missing Teeth: Implants can be a good option if you have only a few teeth missing. Many people find partial dentures challenging to cope with or don’t like the metal clasps used to retain the denture in the mouth.
  • The Level of Infection in Your Mouth:

    Your susceptibility to it also plays an important consideration in which treatment would be more appropriate for you. Your clinical examination will highlight this point for us.

You have two options:

  • A fixed option (one where you don’t take your teeth out)
  • A removable option (like a denture that you put in to eat and take out to clean)
If you don’t like the feeling of having mobile dentures in your mouth, then you may opt to choose implants.
On the other hand, a fixed option allows you to eat confidently and consume foods you previously could not. Implants involve surgical treatment and are an invasive procedure. Some people may not like this treatment and prefer a more straightforward option.

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Pay monthly with 0% interest for amazing, discreet dental solutions that realign your smile. Our recommended treatments have left thousands of patients feeling better and more confident about their appearance and how their smile functions.

There Are Various Solutions for Replacing Missing Teeth

At the Perfect Smile Studios, we offer a free consultation with our CQC registered practice, who can provide you with an assessment and treatment based on you.

“We will offer a solution that can achieve the perfect smile that you can be confident with.”

We’re proud to use the latest, cutting-edge technology for our cosmetic treatments.

This technology enables us to get an extensive, detailed image and report of your gum and jaw structure.

Our technology can help us make an informed decision when suggesting if a dental implant or denture is right for you.

We can organise a consultation for you to discuss the best way forward for you.

This appointment is complimentary and forms a good starting point to discuss the variety of options and choices available to you.

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