Dental Implant Maintenance

Keeping your oral condition and implants healthy long after implantation.

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Maintaining Your Implants

The maintenance of implants is about ensuring the gum health around the implants is excellent.

Films of bacteria called Biofilm appear on implants as quickly as they do on teeth.

The major problem is that this biofilm on implants is resistant to antibiotics and antiseptics. Hence, the biofilm can damage the tissues that keep the implant in place.

Thus, the accuracy of the cleaning of your teeth and implants is very vital.

Oral hygiene and implant care are vital after the final crowns, bridges or denture placement and during the healing (osseointegration) phase.

Dental Implant placement requires the patient’s gums to be healthy before implant placement and at least six month healing period after any gum (periodontal) treatment.

No Smoking

Studies have shown that patients who smoke and patients with previous poor gum health (periodontal health) occurrence have a reduced success rate to patients who are not smokers and with no previous gum health problems.

We prefer to re-assess and monitor the implants more frequently on patients who smoke and patients with previous poor gum health. Thus we recommend that you stop smoking before and after any implant treatment.

We recommend that you have regular hygiene treatment at least every six months. For those patients who have had gum disease before starting the treatment, hygiene treatment is recommended every three months.

We also recommend an annual examination and a regular radiograph to check the implant treatment.

At the examination, we look for signs of gum disease or Peri-Implantitis. We also assess the bite as the movement of natural teeth may change the dynamics of the bite, which may create an overload from the implant.

The x-ray allows us to check if there is any bone loss around the thread of the implants, using each thread as a relative measurement.

If there is bone loss, we need to determine the cause and address this as soon as possible.

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