Veneers – from cheap to expensive, all the types and costs

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Veneer Price Comparison – To The Point The cost of veneers throughout the UK will vary from dentist to dentist – however, knowing patients will likely want a reputable cosmetic dentist to place their veneers, we’ve included prices below charged by some of the best in the country. Veneer costs: The cheapest to the most … Read more

Cheap veneers – do they exist?

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Cheap Veneers UK: Can You Really Get Them? We’ve warned patients time and time again to avoid going abroad for their treatments.  We have had to reverse and correct many incorrectly performed procedures for patients trusting unregulated dentists abroad, which cost our patients so much more money than they would have originally spent coming to … Read more

Dangerous and wrong: What your dentist doesn’t tell you about veneers

cheap veneers uk

You Don’t Need to Have Your Teeth Shaved Down to Pegs to Get Veneers Veneers correct many dental and offer patients a quick, easy fix to smile imperfections. The number of patients wishing to improve and enhance their smiles throughout the UK is growing substantially. Becoming increasingly popular, treatments like veneers have become more sought … Read more

No Drill, No Needle Ultrathin Veneers

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Natural-looking, ULTRA-thin Dental Veneers A common phrase uttered by many new patients we talk to is “I’d love to have nice looking white teeth!” The Perfect Smile Studios can make this happen. By using simple, yet effective techniques paired with the latest and most innovative technology, we can make your wish come true without the … Read more