Star Quality Cosmetic Treatments: London’s Favourite Cosmetic Dentists

Star quality cosmetic treatments

Top, Famous Cosmetic Dentists in London & Hertfordshire Here at The Perfect Smile, we’re not just like any other private dental practice. We are one of the largest, most popular cosmetic clinics in the UK. With clinics across London and Hertfordshire, thousands of patients and celebrities trust us with their smiles every year. Our secret … Read more

Highest-quality facial aesthetic dentistry

facial aesthetic dentistry

How Fixing Your Teeth Can Fix Your Face Did you know that there’s a wide world of anti-ageing dental treatments out there? Not only are thousands of people beginning to discover the true benefits of cosmetic dentistry, but are beginning to choose them over plastic surgery enhancements. Using modern orthodontics, restoration techniques and custom smile … Read more

Veneers vs Braces

Veneers vs braces

What’s better: Veneers or braces? One of the most common questions our expert orthodontists and cosmetic dentists receive is “which is better – veneers or braces?” A difficult question to answer simply, it entirely relies on your unique orthodontic condition and the amount of time you are willing to commit to a procedure. Both procedures … Read more

Dangerous and wrong: What your dentist doesn’t tell you about veneers

cheap veneers uk

You Don’t Need to Have Your Teeth Shaved Down to Pegs to Get Veneers Veneers correct many dental and offer patients a quick, easy fix to smile imperfections. The number of patients wishing to improve and enhance their smiles throughout the UK is growing substantially. Becoming increasingly popular, treatments like veneers have become more sought … Read more

Top Rising Stars in Cosmetic Dentistry

Top rising stars in cosmetic dentistry

Award-winning cosmetic dentists Believe it or not, finding amazing and credible cosmetic dentists can be quite difficult to find. Many private practices offer cosmetic procedures and options, but patients considering dental cosmetic work should choose the practice based on the skill, training and technique of their leading cosmetic dentists. Education and further training should be … Read more

New trends to watch in cosmetic dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry is on the rise There are a number of new trends that are planning to change the face of cosmetic dentistry.  This field of dentistry is more accessible than ever before thanks to improved technology that allows for better results more affordably. And because of this, new trends have emerged, which plan to … Read more

Millennials spend three times national average on dental treatment

The most popular cosmetic procedures When it comes to quicker decisions and spending regarding cosmetic dental treatments, millennials take the lead and exceed all other generations according to a new study. It has been revealed that adults aged under 35 spend on average £750 a year on their dental care. What’s more surprising is that … Read more

Cosmetic Dentistry Industry is Expected to Thrive

The most popular form of dentistry Whilst the British are notorious for yellow and crooked teeth, this age-old stereotype is now being challenged as more and more people throughout the UK turn to cosmetic dentistry. Today, British people spend hundreds and thousands of pounds on their dental care each year, where patients do not just … Read more

What is the Difference Between a Dentist and An Orthodontist?

difference between a dentist and an orthodontist

A dentist is someone who looks after your mouth. There are many different types of dentists that like to either specialise in a particular field of dentistry or who are dedicated to a certain type of dentistry. Dentists look after the health and foundation of your teeth and mouth. A general dental practitioner is a … Read more

5 Benefits Why People Get Dental Implants

dental implants

7 in 10 people are opting for dental implants for their tooth replacement solution Having dental implants  may appear to be a purely cosmetic solution for your appearance, but there are several benefits you may not be aware of in getting an implant. “Dental implants are an excellent, long-term treatment for tooth replacement.” Here are 5 … Read more