Dentistry’s Social Stars – One of our Cosmetic Dentists Mentioned on The List

Dentistry’s social stars

Dentistry’s Social Stars Back in September 2021, compiled a list of some of cosmetic dentistry’s top influencers in a bid to celebrate their efforts in educating other professionals and the public. Let’s not forget to mention that one of our excellent dentists was featured on the list. The excellent Dr Sam Jethwa was praised in … Read more

Why Improving Your Smile is the Greatest Investment

Why improving your smile is the greatest investment

Post-Lockdown Blues: Reasons to Invest in Your Smile Over the years, we have treated thousands of patients who enter our practice unhappy with some aspect of their smile.  Thankfully, cosmetic dentistry offers patients a solution to worn, overcrowded or crooked smiles and instead provides them with flawless, natural-looking teeth that last a lifetime. So, if … Read more

Why is it important to have braces?

Importance of Braces There are many benefits to brace treatment and any other orthodontic teeth straightening treatments. We design and carry out all our brace treatments at our Hertford practice. They include the following: Improved Confidence. Teeth that are well aligned also provide a level of cosmetic enhancement. The more involved and detailed the treatment … Read more

What are restorative dental services?

straighter more even smile image

Restorative dental work These are any treatments that are used to restore teeth and gums back to health. It often involves replacing or rebuilding teeth or their surrounding support structure back to its original or even better appearance. See Bupa Dental Cover for Private and NHS Patients: Is It Right for You? Restorative treatments are not … Read more

All the ways to straighten teeth without braces

straighten teeth without braces

Can You Straighten Teeth without Braces? As the conventional method for straightening teeth with braces has always been the traditional way to fix crooked and uneven smiles, little is known of other, faster cosmetic procedures that have the exact same power. Patients exhibiting bite issues, misaligned teeth, large gaps or overcrowded teeth in the past … Read more

Invisalign Guide

Invisalign guide

Is Invisalign Really Right For You? Read Our Full Guide Invisalign can straighten teeth perfectly within a year and can offer patients a more private procedure than other bulky and obvious brace treatments. Perfect for adults and older teenagers looking to perfect their smiles, Invisalign offers patients an affordable and effective way to correct their … Read more

The Guide to The Cost of Cosmetic Dentistry

cost of cosmetic dentistry

Cosmetic Surgery Price Comparison: A Five-star Treatment Might Not Be As Expensive You Think! If there’s one thing our cosmetic dentists have learned, it’s that patients care about three things; how long their treatment takes, how good/natural it’s going to look and how much it’s going to cost. Whilst we know as practising dentists that … Read more

Warning! Here are things I wish I did to my teeth in my 30s

Everything I wish I knew about my teeth in my 30s I’m going to be honest with you, in my younger years, I never really cared much about my teeth. I had no bite irregularities or any problems and therefore really had no major concerns or insecurities. My teeth were “fine”, just like everybody else’s. … Read more

I paid £80 a month for my dental veneers and I couldn’t be happier

dental veneers photo

A real patient review Do you hate your smile? Are you embarrassed to open your mouth? Do you think no one will fancy you because of it? These were all emotions I experienced on a daily basis.  Of course, everyone has insecurities or parts of their body they are unhappy with. But, in my experience, … Read more

Star Quality Cosmetic Treatments: London’s Favourite Cosmetic Dentists

Star quality cosmetic treatments

Top, Famous Cosmetic Dentists in London & Hertfordshire Here at The Perfect Smile, we’re not just like any other private dental practice. We are one of the largest, most popular cosmetic clinics in the UK. With clinics across London and Hertfordshire, thousands of patients and celebrities trust us with their smiles every year. Our secret … Read more