How Much Does it Cost To Be Put To Sleep At The Dentist?

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Prices For Being Put to Sleep At The Dentist If you’re a particularly phobic or anxious patient, you would, by now, have heard of or explored conscious sedation, which is not as heavy or dangerous as being put to sleep but rather keeps you conscious but in a happy, relaxed, sedated state. Now, the treatment, … Read more

How Long Do Composite Veneers Last? (The Truth)

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You’ll have to renew your veneers every 5-7 years Before we discuss the nuances of how to make your veneers last longer, let’s answer your question quickly. Composite veneers are durable, but they do not last forever. On average, the non-permanent veneers last between five and seven years, and when this time ends, you’ll need … Read more

How The Dentist Wants You To Clean Your Invisalign Aligners

Cleaning Invisalign Aligners The Right Way Seeing as you wear your aligners for a minimum of 22 hours per day, you’ll need to clean them, understandably, to maintain your oral health and prevent nasty conditions like gum disease from arising. Otherwise, you’ll end up with dirty (not invisible) and smelly aligners. But don’t worry. When … Read more

Directory of Our Trusted Suppliers

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Partnered Brands We Work With If you have any questions about our suppliers please contact us or use the details below to contact the businesses directly. List of Trusted Suppliers both in the UK and Abroad Air Abrasion Companies: Name: Qudent Address: 6 Farncombe Rd, Worthing BN11 2BE, United Kingdom Phone: +44 1903 211737 Website: Cosmetic Supplies / Treatments Companies: … Read more

Is a Dental Crown Procedure Painful?

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Is It Painful To Have A Crown Put On Your Tooth? Our aim is for your crown treatment to be completely painless and comfortable. We use several techniques to ensure that you are very comfortable throughout the treatment and afterwards. Minimal Pain During Crown Treatment First, most crown treatments are on teeth that are already … Read more

How Much are Turkey Teeth?

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How Much Will Turkey Teeth Really Cost You? Many UK people consider flying to Turkey for treatments that will improve their smile cosmetically. For example, dental treatments and procedures like veneers and dental implants are being offered in Turkey for what people believe is half the price. But while we can agree that the price … Read more

Why Are My Teeth Breaking?

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Teeth Suddenly Breaking Are your teeth breaking into pieces or crumbling? Is it suddenly, or have you always had a problem with brittle teeth? While tooth enamel is meant to be the hardest material in the human body, it’s also subject to heavy wear and tear daily. Sometimes, our teeth cannot handle the stress we … Read more