Palateless Dentures

Dentures That Do Not Cover the Upper Palate Palateless dentures, also called palate-free dentures, involve prosthetics supported by devices like dental implants to provide patients with a better quality of life. For example, implant-supported overdentures not only replace missing teeth and restore oral function and design, but they feature an open palate design, unlike traditional … Read more

Invisible Brace Options

Invisalign tips that will blow your mind

Straighten Teeth Invisibly With the stigma of metal braces still present, invisible brace options have become a popular treatment choice with adults because they are not only more discreet but also faster. Whether it’s white fixed braces or clear aligners, invisible devices have revolutionised the orthodontic market. They make it possible for patients to straighten … Read more

The Cheapest Way to Replace Missing Teeth

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Affordable Tooth Replacement Treatments When replacing missing teeth, especially when you have several teeth missing in a row, the cost can sometimes be a barrier to treatment. Often, with costs in the thousands, missing teeth treatments like dental implants are not always available to patients. While other tooth replacement methods exist that are cheaper, like … Read more

Types of Veneers

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Types, Versions & Brands of Veneers As far as many patients are concerned, veneers are veneers; they don’t have different types, thicknesses or luminosity. But as cosmetic dentists who have dedicated much of their career to dental veneer applications, we’re here to tell you that isn’t the case. And if you’re thinking about starting the … Read more

Emergency Tooth Extractions – What to Expect

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Tooth Extractions – Same-day Appointments Think you need an emergency tooth extraction? Check your symptoms: Sharp, persistent tooth pain Impacted wisdom teeth and crowding Severe tooth decay or infection Broken and chipped teeth beyond repair Teeth wobbly because of gum disease The only true test to see if you need an extraction is by booking … Read more

Cost of Tooth Whitening

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How much is tooth whitening UK? Costs range from £260 to £1,000. Remember, tooth whitening is often priced by arch, too.  Average UK tooth whitening prices by brand Boutique Whitening: £345 Enlighten Evolution: £550 Philips Zoom! £600 Laser Tooth Whitening: £500 The cost varies because The cost of tooth whitening in the UK, in short, … Read more