Modern denture options

Whether you have a couple of missing teeth or a full arch, we have advanced prosthetic options if you want to smile, talk, eat and live confidently again. 

All on 4 implant offer

Replacing missing teeth with dentures

Patients local to Hertfordshire will be pleased that we offer modern dentures from £750.

Our practice in Hertford is particularly known for advanced restorative methods and techniques.

The incredibly talented dentist, Dr Clark, has produced hundreds of tooth-like results with artificial tooth replacement and is currently undergoing an advanced course to become a specialist in this field.

We can even replace missing teeth with palateless dentures at several price points to suit different patients. 

For example, those looking to replace current dentures with something more stable can turn to implant-retained dentures that combine traditional methods with modern innovations. 

Two options for modern dentures

Our patients aren’t fitted with a one-size-fits-all all type of denture. Rather, we offer several options to suit your lifestyle.

  1. Removable dentures: This kind of denture is characterised by its ability to be taken in and out of the mouth. With this choice, you can have a removable denture fixed to a stable prosthesis – these are often referred to as snap-in dentures or implant-retained dentures. 
  2. Fixed dentures: As the name suggests, these dentures cannot be taken out of your mouth or removed. They are permanent prosthetics which are secured in place using dental implants. Options for fixed dentures can range in price from £4,000 for implant dentures to £16,000 for All-on-4 (the revolutionary full mouth replacement).

removable denture solutions

Prosthetic devices comprised of artificial gums and teeth.

Come in two styles – partial and complete. Partial for those with most of their natural teeth and complete for those with no natural teeth remaining.

Patients requiring dentures on their lower arch should bear in mind there is less suction created, which might feel more unstable than upper dentures. Speak to your dentist about options to fix this.

These dentures aren’t like your grandparent’s false teeth and are custom-designed to fit your mouth perfectly. Today’s dentures feature acrylic resin, which remains the most popular base material for dentures.

Pay Monthly With 0% over 24 Months

Pay monthly with 0% interest for amazing, discreet dental solutions that realign your smile. Our recommended brace treatments have left thousands of our patients feeling better and more confident about their appearance and the way their smile functions.

Common Denture questions

You asked – and we answered:

Dentures can provide support for cheeks and lips – but facial sagging can happen due to a depletion of bone in the jaw. However, the support provided by dentures can prevent you from looking older.

Eating with dentures can take practice – and you know what they say – practice makes perfect. It’s advised to begin with soft foods that can be cut into small pieces. You should also chew slowly and use both side of the mouth simultaneously to prevent the denture from moving.

When you get used to your denture, other foods can start to be integrated back into your diet.

Pronouncing certain words will take time and practice – repeating any difficult words will help. However, if you find that your denture slips often perhaps when laughing, coughing or even smiling, you can reposition them by biting down and swallowing.

Fixatives can give patients extra confidence when wearing their dentures. Especially if they’re beginning to become loose.

Dentures are known to last for several years.

However, as we’ve covered above, due to bone loss in the jaw caused by missing teeth, dentures need to be relined or re-made because of the changes to the shape in the mouth.

When bone and gum ridges shrink the jaws align differently.

Make ill-fitting or loose dentures a thing of the past

Modern dentures have come a long way. However, there will always be limitations in how they look, function and feel. 

Whilst they have advanced to a degree, there will always be a slight degree of movement, which can be uncomfortable for patients wanting to live life freely and without limitations.

For patients looking for ultimate security and stability, All on 4 is the most recommended solution as it secures a fixed hybrid denture to four implants.

They can be placed on the same day (known as immediate teeth) and avoid additional procedures like bone grafting and sinus augmentations, which is a drawback for patients wanting to get implants but having insufficient bone for the artificial root to anchor to.

Other implant solutions like implant-retained and implant-supported dentures are more affordable than All-on-4. But they have strict criteria that require a consultation.

Before & After Gallery

See what our patients look like before and after veneers so you can gain a better idea of how they’re going to look and work for you.